To Those Seeking Something More,

Are you struck with an insatiable wanderlust?

Enjoy exploring the nooks & crannies of crowded cities or the forgotten depths of ancient ruins reclaimed by nature?

Have a passion for foreign & domestic affairs or desire to immerse yourself in unfamiliar cultures?

If you find your curiosity kindled, then I extend this letter of introduction, a welcome & request to consider a position within The Black-Thorne Society.

The Black-Thorne Society, a newly expanding distillery, needs fresh faces for its Bureau of Cultural Affairs & Exploration.

We are seeking motivated individuals who are not averse to hard work & long hours. As a newly formed organization we are starting from the ground up & require cohorts dedicated & willing to assist in the development of our label.

If you desire to learn more, please send any inquiries to The Flaming Nix in Mournhold or the nearest Mages' Guild in your local area, care of Nahla Leki.

**Other occupations currently available within our Merchants' Guild, Militia, & Sages' Circle, please inquire to discover more. 

Nahla Leki
Yokeda, Bureau of Cultural Affairs & Exploration

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newly forming guild looking for active, creative players like you, interested in building a fun, dynamic, RP gaming community. we're looking for people who are willing to expand upon our guild concepts while contributing their own ideas & stories.

currently we're a handful of players who have busy out-of-game lives but are enthusiastic about creating a community of friends to explore all aspects of the game including RP. we'd be starting from the ground up to assemble what will be a great experience!

if you're interested, please visit: Bureau of Cultural Affairs .

if this sounds like something for you fill out an application at our site!