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[NA-PC] Aelin Wulvendaar

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"Sometimes, the wicked will tell us things just to confuse us–to haunt our thoughts long after we've faced them."

Aelin Wulvendaar


Age: 22

Born: 5th of Second Seed

Gender: Female

Race: Nord

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 230lbs

Occupation: Mercenary

Affliction: Lycanthropy

Alignment: Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Drinking
  • Fighting
  • Sweetrolls
  • Cold weather
  • Dogs

  • Touching
  • Small talk
  • Bards
  • Warm weather
  • Silver


Aelin appears to be your typical Nord with pale hair, a fair complexion, and a height that only a giant could beat. Under her plate mail, which the Nord is always found in, is a thickset build that has seen its fair share of battles. Scars of many different shapes and sizes cover her body but some of the most notable are the stab wounds along her abdomen and right forearm, the massive slashes from left shoulder to right hip, and the seven long lines on the left side of her chest.

The Nord is rare to show any facial expressions, as she usually keeps something similar to an emotionless mask up front and center at all times. It's her pale silver eyes that, if you can read them, will tell her story. They resemble that of a feral predator; lifeless or a lack of soul. Always filled with malicious intent like a cat watching a mouse, if you will.


Growing up in Northern Eastmarch in a small village, the Nord knew nothing but a simple life. Father was a blacksmith and mother raised the livestock while the entire community pitched in to raise the children and take care of their own. It was a perfect life for those who do not ask for much in return for long days and lived off the land.

At a young age, Aelin was taught how to hunt and defend herself but not long after that, she became the main hunter of the family. She would be out all morning, come home with fresh game and quickly do her chores, and then go right back to tracking herds of deer or possibly a pack of wolves bothering their livestock. She continued this for a few years until one morning she returned to her village burned to the ground. Bandits razed the entire place, leaving only carnage and death in their wake. They swooped up the little eight-year-old Nord and took her back to their camp, and for the next several years her life would be an endless struggle to remain alive.

Shoved in a cage barely big enough to encase the child, tortured, and starved, Aelin lived a year with the bandits before being sold for a mere few pieces of gold to a slaver who saw potential. Sent to work in one of the many mines in Stonefalls, the child did as she was told with little resistance... at first. Soon she began fighting back and even harming any slaver she could get her hands on, but she was still a child and was easily overpowered. Being sold and bought became a regular event until she found her match. At the age of 15, Aelin met an Imperial that would forever fuel her hatred for scum who walked the lands. He humiliated her before all in the camp after Aelin attempted to take his life and before she was completely healed from her punishment, she made her grand escape.

Things started to look up as she eventually found work as a mercenary and was able to provide for herself. Though, things were too good to be true, as she was sent into a known werewolf den to clear it out. Aelin was bitten before the job could be completed, and thus she was forced to stay alongside the men and women she was contracted to kill until the transformation was complete.

Aelin continued to work as a mercenary, but as the years continued the Nord slowly started to lose herself to the beast within, turning her into the monster she had feared as a child.

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