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W R E N _

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A child of the forest; surrounded by the beating hearts of her tribe, whose veins ran alongside those of the earth. As a girl, many days were spent in packs of her peers weaving in and out of the trees; learning the language of land and honing in on speed and stealth. The swiftness of the bow accompanied her on these excursions. The older she grew, the more adept she would become – eventually earning the privilege to join elders in the hunt.

Her family followed the path of Y'ffre, therefore instilling great respect and a strong spiritual connection to nature and balance. The Bosmeri girl always had an affinity for the creatures of the forest. Even the ones destined to perish by the piercing strike of her arrows did not fail to leave a mark on her soul. She would often spend time attempting to befriend these creatures, viewing them as an extension of her tribe; They were all the children of the forest in the end.

As the Dominion made way into the lands, many of her relatives, including siblings, left the tribes to pledge their allegiance and fight in the war. She stayed behind, encouraged by her mother and father to stay on the path of the old ways, and she did -- for a while. Of her family which had left for the war was her only sister. When contact became lost with her sister, Wrën felt an overwhelming obligation to find her whereabouts, or at least answers to her lingering questions. It was this which drove her to leave her nest deep within the forest. Eventually, Wrën did track down an old consort of her sister. He was a wild, unstable man, and although held the truth of her sister's fate, he bestowed upon her a greater burden; a burden which would prevent her from returning to her home to live in harmony within the Green Pact. Though the ties to her tribe incinerated like dry leaves fed to a raging fire, she remained; like a lone thorn plucked from its rose.

Forest child...


▪ Age: 37
▪ Born: Valenwood 2E 546
▪ Species: Bosmer
▪ Gender: Female
▪ Occupation: Tracker
▪ Affiliations: Neutral
▪ Constellation: The Steed
▪ Apparent Age: Twenties
▪ Hair: Dirty blonde, long
▪ Eyes: Deep Grey/Black
▪ Skin: Fair
▪ Build: Athletic/Muscular
▪ Height: 5' 1"ft
▪ Weight: 127 lbs

◇ A P P E A R A N C E ◇

◇ At a glance ◇ If you've stumbled upon at the right moment to catch her in a state of amusement, her smile may bare a few sharpened teeth too many.
As most Bosmers come, she is rather petite in height, though closer inspection one could note a rather muscular frame. Long, natural dirty blonde hair falls in soft waves to her chest, framing large, dark, wild eyes. These voids can contribute to an often look of disdain; sadness; although there is much life and joy which lives inside of her. Small nubs of bone poke from her forehead; they look rather rough, jagged, as if a relic of some former glory. There is small scarring riddled throughout her body which flow along her skin like ripples emerging from a still pond. She is typically seen wearing fitted attire, suitable for movement and speed; boney trinkets and soft weathered hide a common theme. To see her in anything more formal would be a rare thing indeed. A small pouch is bound to her side by waist and upper thigh; the coordination of straps keeping such thing from bouncing about while in movement. With leg wrappings in leu of proper shoes, her feet are a force to be reckoned with; the ware of time evolving her soles into calloused, battle-hardened soldiers, which fear no lay of the land.


◇ P E R S O N A L I T Y ◇

◇ Reserved. Curious. Crass.
◇ A lover of all things nature.
◇ Strong willed. Flight over fight.
◇ Introvert. Empath. Amiable.
Just a few words to describe the complexity of consciousness.

◇ A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T ◇

◇ Quick on her feet, quick with the bow.
◇ Adept in land navigation and tracking.
◇ A skilled hunter, though reserved for necessity and survival.
◇ A bit of a tinkerer, she has some odds 'n ends tucked into her waist pouch which sits next to a small hunting knife, with intricate carvings produced into the bone-crafted handle.
◇ Empath ~ Animals: decent at understanding their concepts of emotions; slight ability to manipulate behavior. Nature: can be sensitive to earth energies. Other people? Forget about it.

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w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n

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Cleaned up a bit and updated with some wonderful character art.
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