────────────────── D E S C R I P T I O N ───────────────────

At a glance: As most Bosmers come, she is rather petite. Her light blonde hair is thin and long, reaching just below her chest; it parts to the middle. Such fair hair seems to only highlight her dark, pit-like eyes. These eyes may contribute to an often perpetual look of disdain, although there is much life and joy which lives inside of her. Small nubs of bone poke from her forehead; they look rather rough, jagged, as if antlers did live there once upon a time. There is small scarring riddled along her body, of which is visible may seem to flow into natural patterns throughout. She is typically seen wearing tribal-like attire, with bones and weathered hide somehow incorporated into the theme.

────────────────── P E R S O N A L I T Y ───────────────────

She could be considered mischievous and playful. She can be quick to joke about others, and even come across slightly derogatory at times, but can have trouble taking the same tone in return. She is currently learning to adjust to life outside of her native home, so can sometimes be a bit reserved depending on the company.
Although she has been known to pickpocket here and there, she doesn't consider it a true crime and *generally* dislikes those who make a living from questionable endeavors. Additionally, those who pride themselves on wealth, status and power tend to irk her. Aside from that she can be a bit naive and perhaps a little too trusting to those who have gained her favor in the slight.

─────────────────────── B I O ────────────────────────

Wrën had a traditional Bosmer upbringing and lived most of her life tucked away in the deep forests of Valenwood. This had blessed her with the training to obtain great skill in the hunt, archery and stealth (as most Bosmer's boast), as well as learn several other tricks of the trade. Her family followed the path of Y'ffre, therefore instilling great respect and a strong spiritual connection to nature and balance. As the Dominion made way into the lands, many of her relatives, including siblings, left the tribes to pledge their allegiance and fight in the war. She stayed behind, encouraged by her mother and father to stay on the path of the old ways, and she did -- for a while. Of her family which had left for the war was her only sister, H'lif. When contact became lost with her sister, Wrën felt an overwhelming obligation to find her whereabouts, or at least the answers to her lingering questions. It was this which drove her to leave her nest deep within the forest. Eventually, Wrën did track down an old consort of her sister. He was a wild, unstable man, and although held the truth of her sister's fate, he bestowed upon her a greater burden; A burden which would prevent her from returning to her home to live in harmony within the Green Pact. She now weaves her path in and out of the wilds and cities of Tamriel looking for her place in this new world.

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