Elsweyr Roleplay Community

"Fair are the lands of Elsweyr..."


The Elsweyr Roleplay Community or ESRP is an OOC community through the use of Discord with the purpose of gathering all who are interested in roleplaying within the lands of Elsweyr and enjoy it's environment and culture. From a local khajiit to a foreign traveler who is passing by these lands. And with the chapter of Elsweyr coming, we can make a community to better suit up for the RP in our beloved sands and forests!

This community tries to create the opportunity for roleplay that is themed after the Elsweyr and the khajiiti culture, aswell as creating a platform for people to host events or their own places/businesses, such as tribes or clans with their own locations, along with caravans or guilds with their own pursuits. Another primary goal is also to provide a relaxing and friendly environment for everyone in this community to enjoy.

On another note, the roleplay doesn't only limit to Elsweyr, but also expands beyond it's borders, to invite everyone within and beyond this community to join in many roleplays and events!

With that said, bellow I will leave the discord link and the contacts. We welcome you with open arms as you join this community of ours, in hopes of having a great time!

Community Conduct Guidelines

1 - Be friendly and polite within this community
2 - No OOC drama
3 - Do avoid writting or posting content that could be deemed inappropriate in the server (anything heavily offensive)
4 - RP rules are to be applied, such as, no metagaming, no god/power gaming (being invincible or forcing actions upon others in a RP scenario)


Member - The people who dwell and RP in Elsweyr and participate actively in the community.
Visitor - Those who pass by Elsweyr and visit the community's RP from time to time.

Discord and Contacts

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/fPNVyjF

Ingame Contacts:
- Shai-ra, @gwidion709