A Mature/Criminal/Heavy RP Guild

The Seven Shadows Syndicate is a coalition of merchants, traders and tycoons. We are ruthless, efficient, unscrupulous opportunists who are muscling in on business opportunities with the affluence that our businesses, trade routes, and entertainment venues generate. At the core of the organization are highly skilled and clandestine professionals who manage and direct the flow of gold through their operations through backroom handshaking and cloak and dagger maneuvers.

The Syndicate is, first and foremost, a criminal organization. Through heavy RP, we create a mafia-styled environment, contained within a story driven and close family. But just like any family, we have members of all kinds. We hire thieves, as well as merchants, to bring gold into our coffers. Spies and diplomats help us keep a benevolent image in the areas we operate in, while our skooma production gives the local authority something to chew on. These funds go into our casinos and brothels, just so everyone in the family can have a bit of fun when life weighs a bit too heavily on their shoulders. It's not just criminals either... any honest worker who can keep their noses clean can take a piece of what we have to offer.

If you wish to learn more before applying, feel free to contact our Ebony Blade and recruitment head: @WolfeofMoonlight or WolfeofMoonlight#0274