"Now is the time... to protect something valuable enough to give your life for"
"It's times when you are scared or worried, that you should deal with smiling."
"My mighty attacks cannot reach thee? And who decided that?"
V O R A E R I O N _ A D A H L

  • Full Name: Voraerion "Stormblade" Adahl
  • Aliases: Stormblade, Young Lord, Pretty boy, White demon, Young General,
  • Age: mid 400s
  • Visual Age: early 20s
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Altmer/ High Elf
  • Birthsign: The Steed
  • Bloodline: Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order/Porphyric Hemophilia

  • Height: 6'6'' / 2.05m
  • Body Type: Athletic, toned, well-built, Muscular yet not too bulky. nothing but pink muscle
  • Eye Color: Light yellow / Golden (normally), Bright Red ( Vampirism )
  • Hair Color: White / Silver
  • Hair Style: Semi-long/Long and elegant
  • Specific Features: A couple of smaller scars on his face, arms and legs. Larger diagonal scars on his back and front. Horizontal scar on his neck. A constant, gentle smile and expression on his face at all times, unless stated otherwise. A silver locket and chain strapped around his neck, runic tattoos starting from his wrists all the way up to his shoulders.

Skills and Quirks ( Summary ):
[*] Alignment: Lawful Neutral
[*] Religion: Molag Bal/ Clavicus Vile
[*] Profession: Battlemage/Spellsword/Blademaster
[*] Assets: Master swordsman, Vampirism, Eloquent speechcraft, Altmer magicka affinity, Blacksmithing, beginner/Knowledgeable at about every school of Magic, beaten by a Pure-blood Vampire
[*] Flaws: too prideful at times, impatient at others, a certain feeling of superiority over anyone who's not a Vampire. Vampirism*
( detailed )

  • ( WIP due to lack of english vocabulary )

  • Vor is a complex character, serious, calculating, and always planning far in the future. While he trusts his men, he was the first to realize that there was a spy in the past, interfering with the duties of House Adahl and arranged for their capture. He is an eloquent speaker, able to sway many people with his calm and soothing voice, captivate the hearts of many maidens despite his former lack of interest in any romantic relationships and even inspire his troops with words of encouragement during battle and training.
  • Having being raised as a noble by his father, Voraerion knows his way around proper etiquette and good mannerisms, polite to everyone despite his feelings towards them. Courteous and always with a smile, this Altmer is the very definition of a gentleman... when frustration and anger are not factors. Despite having a strict, but loving noble father who rose to the ranks of the Battlereeves, Voraerion spend a lot of time with Bosmer mother too, embracing that other side of him, a loving and caring side, both for the environment and other races and species, despite having lived as an Altmer noble for the majority of his life in Alinor. Being a descendant to a prestigious Aldmeri House, troubled Voraerion quite a lot as he grew up and even to this day, it affects him. With nobles and officials, offering fake smiles and poisoned, yet caring on the surface words to the -young- noble, while the common people never raised their gaze on him either. Voraerion grew up only with his twin brother by his side, a brother he lost, along with the rest of his family, upon his death.
  • Behind his front of assurance and single-minded determination, Vor revealed he still had his soft side towards his family, which he views as 'the Sun to illuminate his path'. When his family is in trouble, he'll make it his top priority to protect them, no matter the cost. He has, multiple, times stated that he wants to understand more about the world and how people feel. Even though he finds revelry in solitude, Vor claims that he'd like to learn more about socializing and connections with strangers. However, even though he has built a connection with his troops, he states that they are no strangers.
  • During battle he is arrogant, boastful, and domineering, he also takes it upon himself to deliver judgement to those he feels have sinned, such as those that toy with feelings. Even with his prideful personality he still cares for his comrades but in his own way, not wishing to harm any, even those he only recently met. His pride and attitude is such that he never holds hatred in his heart to anyone, even Daedra, as he does not hold hatred to those beneath him, he only pities them. His pride also does not seem to prevent him from acknowledging the strength of others, as he has done so numerous times in the field of battle.

Strengths and Talents:
(( Untrained>Beginner>Apprentice>Journeyman>Skilled>Expert>Master ))
+ Master level achieved in Greatsword combat
+ Expert level achieved in Sword and Shield, Spear and Dual-wield Blades combat
+ Expert level achieved in unarmed combat
+ Skilled level achieved in archery, and projectiles
+ Master level achieved in Schools of Destruction, Illusion and Mysticism. Rest is Beginner, Apprentice or Journeyman.
+ Enhanced speed and reflexes ( for an Altmer of that height and strength, Vor is relatively agile and is quick to react )
+ Highly Advanced Durability ( After many years of physical harm and rigorous training, Vor has developed a high tolerance to pain, making him more durable than most other Altmer )
+ Keen Intellect / Master Tactician

(( Note: Anything not listed above, can be safely put to "Untrained" or "Beginner" level. ))

(( Colors are just misc here, they serve no purpose in ranking ))
+ Code of Honor: Vor's code of honor sometimes is the result of him being in a disadvantage or on equal footing against enemies who otherwise he'd be able to beat fairly quickly.
+ Big Ego: Over the years, Vor has acquired a lot of experience, both in fighting and leading. Sometimes that makes him think that he's better than those above him in the World. Usually that ends up in Ten being damaged more than he should.
+ Family: Voraerion's, probably, biggest weakness is his own family. Despite his unusual seriousness, pride and lack of social skills ( and sometimes emotions ) , Vor loves his family very much and would go to any length to keep them safe, even going as far as to betray the Dominion or any allies of his. Should one of his siblings, currently following him on his adventures, get in trouble... Vor will literally ignore everything and everyone in order to save his little siblings. Dread and terror to anyone standing between him and his siblings.

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Favored alcoholic beverage: Wine and -only- wine, preferably red wine, from Summerset
Favored food: N/A it's all food...
Favored weather or season: Definitely not Sunny days and Summer. He prefers more humid and cold environments
Favored color: ...Red, Black and White

How does your character react when... (Describe how your character reacts, either in actions or what they would say out loud.)
You find a powerful weapon: "Cool... new weapon."
You find a coin purse: Returns it to the local authorities
You find food: Passes it, without so much as a glimpse.
You find a trap: tries to use it to his advantage.
You find a corpse: Arks a brow... he's seen many.
You find a suspicious scroll: Keeps it until he has more information about it.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? I'm open up for pretty much anything except from permanent death, unless it's the only remaining logical choice in a scenario, but still i'd prefer not to get to that. No ERP, No Rape RP ( yes i've been told it exists )
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