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EP Khajiit [NA-Neutral] Cocoa-Tail (Comments and such welcome!

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-- General --
*Name: Cocoa-Tail (OOC: @LamiaCritter)
*Age: 21
*Gender: Female
*Race: Khajiit, Dagi Breed
*Class: Mystic Theurge
*DoB: ???
*Birthsign: Atronach!
*Residence: Elsweyr. Formerly Vvardenfell
*Faction: Neutral
*Occupation: Librarian/ Book Collector. Owns a small magic shop! Eldritch Purrchases
*Hobbies: Reading, magical studies. Cooking and eating!
*Quirks: Holds very many cat-like quirks. Including a preference for hot or warm places, and lots of napping. Appreciates being given pettings and scritches.

-- Physical --
Height: 3-4 feet tall* (*Due to breed, of course. Magically attuned, but quite smol)
Weight: Unsure. Whatever would be classified as slightly chubby.
Body Type: Thicc. Well-fed/ well-nourished, but not overweight. I'm seriously not sure how else to describe her. Stocky/ chubby, I guess?
Eye Color: Red, shiny and beady!
Skin/Fur/Scale Tone/Colour: Fur, the colour of coal-black.
Hair/Horn Color: Black fur. Very, VERY thick and fluffy and plush/ long. Mane is white
Hair/Fur Texture: Fur is very well-groomed, thus it always feel freshly dryed from washing. Incredibly warm, plush and fluffy. Long fur, too. Mane is long, white and silky
Mane: White and silky. Neatly brushed, and decouratively braided.
Hair/Horn/Feather Style: Mane is styled in a long braid. Reaches down past her hips.
Prominent Features: Shortness. Commonly told she 'looks like a housecat', which she takes as a compliment in pride.

-- Persona --
Merchant in Reaper's Rest
*Alignment: Neutral Good
*Religion: Venerates the Tribunal. Currently learning about the Twin Moons
*Sexuality: Straight
*Strengths: Spells!
*Weaknesses: Physically small. Mage, therefore she is squishy. She cannot speak naturally, and has to use magic to do so.
*Weapon of Choice: A tometome that she keeps on her person. (same as Luna)
*Skills: The arcane magicks. Alchemy and tailouring as well.
*Traits: Quiet, Reserved. Timid and Very Shy.

-- Relations --
Family: Mother, Father, Adoptive Father/ Master
Friends: Mother, Father, Adoptive Father. Everyone at Reaper's Rest. Bevinel. Jeetum-Neeus.
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Pets: N/A

-- Style --

-- Background --
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Ebonheart Pact
I remember you from Reddit! Cocoa-Tail is such a cute name.
Posted Jan 11, 19