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Neutral Khajiit [NA-Neutral] Cocoa-Tail (Comments and such welcome!

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Spoiler: Commissioned Images of Cocoa!Show

-- General --
*Name: Cocoa-Tail (OOC: @LamiaCritter)
*Age: 21
*Gender: Female
*Race: Khajiit, Dagi Breed
*Class: Mystic Theurge
*DoB: ???
*Birthsign: Atronach!
*Residence: Elsweyr. Formerly Vvardenfell
*Faction: Neutral
*Occupation: Librarian/ Book Collector. Owns a small magic shop! Eldritch Purrchases
*Hobbies: Reading, magical studies. Cooking and eating!
*Quirks: Holds very many cat-like quirks. Including a preference for hot or warm places, and lots of napping. Appreciates being given pettings and scritches.

-- Physical --
Height: 3-4 feet tall* (*Due to breed, of course. Magically attuned, but quite smol)
Weight: Unsure. Whatever would be classified as slightly chubby.
Body Type: Thicc. Well-fed/ well-nourished, but not overweight. I'm seriously not sure how else to describe her. Stocky/ chubby, I guess?
Eye Color: Red, shiny and beady!
Skin/Fur/Scale Tone/Colour: Fur, the colour of coal-black.
Hair/Horn Color: Black fur. Very, VERY thick and fluffy and plush/ long. Mane is white
Hair/Fur Texture: Fur is very well-groomed, thus it always feel freshly dryed from washing. Incredibly warm, plush and fluffy. Long fur, too. Mane is long, white and silky.
Mane: White and silky. Neatly brushed, and decouratively braided.
Hair/Horn/Feather Style: Mane is styled in a long braid. Reaches down past her hips.
Prominent Features: Shortness. Commonly told she 'looks like a housecat', which she takes as a compliment in pride.

-- Persona --
Merchant in Reaper's Rest
Adventurer of the High Road Tavern
*Alignment: Neutral Good
*Religion: Removed herself from worship of the Three. Currently has begun studying the Twin Moons' religion, in hopes of joining the Lunar Clergy. Secretly pays tribute to Hermaeus Mora as well.
*Sexuality: Straight
*Strengths: Spells!
*Weaknesses: Physically small. Mage, therefore she is squishy. She cannot speak naturally, and has to use magic to do so. Any attempt at speech from her without magic comes out as single syllables, helpless grunts, whimpers, or groans.
*Weapon of Choice: A tome that she keeps on her person.
*Skills: The arcane magicks. Alchemy and tailouring as well.
*Traits: Quiet, Reserved. Timid and Very Shy.
*Quirks: Cannot speak naturally. Has two tails which are decently prehensile. Incredibly fluffy!
*Languages: Dunmeris and the Cyrodiilic Tongue. Has a basic-to-intermediate understanding of Ta'Agra*. (*Being tutoured by a close friend at the Rest)

-- Relations --
Family: Mother, Father, Adoptive Father/ Master
Friends: Mother, Father, Adoptive Father. Everyone at Reaper's Rest. Bevinel. Jeetum-Neeus.
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Pets: N/A

-- Style --
Clothing: She prefers long robes and dresses. Modesty is of little concern, but she prefers silken materials. Always tries to find the finer materials, which she believes serve as better conduits for enchantment magic.

-- Background --
*Bio: Born to a Senche-Raht father and a Cathay-Raht mother, Cocoa-Tail is the singular daughter of Silver-Claws(mother) and Variz'do(father). She gets a majourity of her features from her father, who is a completely black Senche-Raht panther with deep red eyes. She behaves strangely however.

Variz'Do had been employed as a powerful battlecat steed by his comrades in one of the many border wars that took place throughout the years. However, having grown weary of the soldier-mount's life, despite its decent pay, he had sought to settle down. In his spare time after his tenure, he had taken up a job as pack-cat for a construction team, carrying materials for them, or pulling wagons of bricks as needed, and sometimes using his own body for stability when bricks needed to be stacked. Things like that. His back was often sore due to the work.. but it sustained the feline, so that was good enough for Variz'Do.

It was during this time that he was asked to head to another town not too far from where the current project, a temple, was being built. They needed more worked gold and stabilizing beams, so he was directed to the local blacksmith. It was here that he met a large Cathay-Raht woman whose snow-white fur was smeared with ashes and oil. A powerfully built woman in fact, who was hammering away at an anvil, muscular and well-built. To say that she attracted him by sight alone would not be entirely true. Her gruff nature, sassy, cranky, resting bitch-face was a refreshing thing to see. Something he appreciated too. It was not long before he got what he came for... and then left.. Though the woman stayed on his mind the entire time the project continued, which was an entire 4 years.

That grumpy first statement of 'What in Oblivion do you want?' he had been greeted with, somehow had an.. emotional spice to it that brought his heart an attractive burn. Once the temple was constructed and he watched the consecration ceremony, he couldn't stop thinking of her.. Eventually, he had decided to go and see her once more, and this second visit brought him knowledge of her name, Silver-Claw. Within a few months, there were more frequent visits... And before they knew it, they had become a couple within 2 years.

While not officially married per se, they did come to live together peacefully. He continued plying his job as a material transporter, while she continued to hone her craft. They were young creatures at the time. Variz'Do was about 21, and his newly proclaimed mate was about 23 years of age. Their lives continued for 5 years, with Variz'Do leaving on occasion to fight in more of those pesky border wars, which luckily, happened sparingly, while Silver-Claw continued her craft, supplying arms and weapons to her kin for the protection of Elsweyr. While the Senche-Raht had hoped to retire... in a sense, he felt honour-bound to serve as often as he could accomodate, in an effort to live up to his own family's legacy (of which no one but him and his mate knew). Upon returning to their home, Variz'Do once more settled down , for about a year... And in fact in the last few months of the year, Silver-Claw's belly began to swell, and he was ecstatic to be a father.

Now, while they were excited for a child, Variz'Do was worried he would not be there to easily raise his child, considering he felt an honour-binding of sorts to serve in the wars. And unfortunately , he was correct, for, only two months before the child was expected to be birthed, he was called back to another border war to fight. In the middle of these months, Silver-Claw happened to run out of materials, and so she had gone out and hired up a Senche-Raht to pull a large wagon for her while she guided it and herself to an ore merchant.

Everything went smoothly at first. They got the ore, paid the money, and started heading back. During this time however, bandits set upon them, and unfortunately, with such little preparation, they were no match for the ill-willed assortment of thugs. Silver-Claw was no fighter by any means, but even the dagger she kept on her person was of little help. A brief scuffle ensued, and she, along with some of the ore (which was retrieved over several trips by the thieves), were absconded with. They were originally going to rape and then kill her... but something made them hesitant. It was that she told them she was expecting a cub.

While these bandits were not exactly the most moral of people, they were... merciful to an extent. While they still kept her in squallor for about a week, they did no harm to her. Instead, they sold her (and several other hostages) for ransom to some merchants claiming to want to do good, in exchange that the authorities not be alerted.. Unfortunately, this was not the case, as these merchants instead lead the hostages away.. and in a secluded place, bound their wrists/ hands. Then they hauled them further away from Elsweyr, to be sold again... and again.. Only for later, these very same 'merchants' returned with a small force of morals-lacking mercenaries and enslave the bandits next.

The sale chain continued, and Silver-Claw was passed between many hands, before eventually she was bought by a Dres auctioneer, who made no hesitation in putting her up for sale. At a higher-marked price was she offered, due in part to the basic twofer that one would be getting. She had sold rather quickly; bought by a fairly wealthy Telvanni man who went by the name Drusdir.. He put her to less strenuous work, because the property that was growing inside of this new Khajiit was something that he didn't want damaged.

Drusdir had his own plans for the creature that was growing in Silver-Claw's womb.

A month or two passed further, her toiling in the fields seeing no ceasing. Her work consisted of attending to the livestock on the plantation (referring to genuine animals in this context) and providing water for the other slaves, when suddenly her water broke.. When she cried out, the guards had unceremoniously grabbed her by the arms and hauled her into her master's manour for the process. Several days later, Cocoa came out from her mother...

But her mother, with no gentleness, was immediately shoved out of the house after Cocoa was cleaned up, promptly giving a wretched, screaming wail that would rival a banshee's in intensity. Drusdir observed the small cub that he now held in his arms and... gave her the name himself. Cocoa-Tail, in reference to how her ebony fur reminded him of an old sweet he used to adore as a child. And of course. Because she had tails.

From this point on, began a lifelong experiment... he started to raise her by himself. During the first few years of her life, her mother was only allowed to see her during very limited times. For lack of a better word, her mother was soon kept securely in his basement, and she was only permitted to interact with her own daughter for specific times, namely when the cub needed to be breastfed... It broke Silver-Claw's heart to see that, within merely months, her own daughter didn't recognize her, and clung to the Dunmer like a father..

Otherwise, she was never permitted to see Cocoa-Tail. Upon weaning, Silver-Claws was once more tossed back out into the fields, and forced into more gruelling work now that Drusdir got what he had wanted. Drusdir began raising Cocoa-Tail and grooming her carefully. He molded her beliefs painstakingly to believe what he wished. She didn't even remember what her mother looked like at this point, but every now and again, she was brought outside for fresh air.

Drusdir, the man she called father now, would occasionally point to Silver-Claw to indicate 'That's your mother'.... but Cocoa never smiled about it.... In fact, she sneered. To her knowledge, her father claimed that Silver-Claw was nothing but a diseased whore.. and an impurely bred mutt. And in Cocoa's brainwashed mind, Drusdir's word was Law. He had even convinced her that she really was his child, and had gone far enough to forge documents stating that she was 'pedigree'. She had been led to believe that Dunmers were superiour by far, and that her own kind were simply animals..

She was taught the Dunmeris language..the culture... She disdained her own people in favour of the life of Dunmer noble decadence. But in the same stroke.. she believed herself an animal as well.. Albeit a 'civilized, privileged' one, but still she saw herself lower than Drusdir. In fact, their relationship was an odd one. He saw himself as both her father and master, and that she was both daughter and literal housecat and pet. In early years, he kept her , quite literally, in a gold-gilt cage that had cushions and pillows in it, that was not far from his bed..

Discipline was a brutal affair. Beatings and magical manipulations were common for disobedience, though he always ended her punishments with reminders that he loved her dearly and that he was only doing it for her own good. 'No' was a word that was nearly purged from her vocabulary.

Of course, later on, when she got older, around 15 years old or so, he gave her her own bedroom.. She lived in relative luxury, though not quite to the extent of her father. He had permitted her study of magic when she had reached the tender age of 10, and now that she had her own bedroom, her collection of books that she owned had grown very, very quickly. Any and all teaching she was given in any aspecto f her life was either from Drusdir, or a Vvardenfell native Dunmer whose beliefs lined up with his, so that she was never given any conflicting ideas..

Once she turned 14, since, as a Dagi, she would not be growing anymore, her father had something done.. Something insulting, that would crush Silver-Claw's spirit and motivation. He employed her mother's smithing skill. In crafting a collar, to be precise. A collar for her own daughter, and he had to force the issue in order to get her acquiescence. It was an elabourate thing. Worked of gold and silver filigree with a silken inlay, with a gem encrusted in the centerpiece... Following the job, much of the light had left Silver-Claws' eyes...

Only a year or so ago, Drusdir permitted her to leave, in an effort for her to learn some lessons.. Namely, that she should be grateful for what he did for her, and to reiterate to her just how savage her own people were in Elsweyr, and that they were uncivilized... She believed this for a long while... but after joining a small town named Reaper's Rest, run by a certain Captain Jo'Vassa... her mind was changing...

Perhaps these people were not as savage as she was taught.. In fact, she was almost starting to see them as.. NOT beasts...! Of course, after making a few friends there, her close friend, Larima, realized her situation and helped go to Vvardenfell to visit her father again... After.. forceful negotiation (under threat of death ICly, if the writer of this profile remembers correctly), Drusdir was forced to dispel the magic he had enchanted into the frostbrands and tattoos he had had put on Cocoa-Tail... and he was not permitted to ever approach her again himself. Only she could approach him now, and of her own free will..

Currently, she keeps in mail correspondence with the man, and while still dearly loving of him, it would be clear that they've grown a little distant. This due, in part, to the fact that her true father has shown up in her life. He was quick to assume a fatherly role in her life, despite her initially despising him, and is highly protective of his one begotten child who he had never known in any way other than through his heart. Variz'Do has self-established a curfew for her, and more often than not, can be seen scruffing his daughter and carrying away the small Dagi when he thinks she's been out for too long... This is most often accompanied by her whining and weakly yowling in protest.

...Which her father will have none of. He just chuffs, and continues on his way, daughter in tow.
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Ebonheart Pact
I remember you from Reddit! Cocoa-Tail is such a cute name.
Rythe Andrano -House Hlaalu-
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