Deekeethus wrote:
"Some soldiers have goals of their own. . .they're not all pawns on a chessboard."

NAME: Deekeethus
NICKNAMES: Slices-Limbs
AGE: 26 (human years)
BIRTH DATE: Last Seed 18th, 2E 557
RACE: Argonian
CLASS: Dragonknight
OCCUPATION: Mercenary, ex-soldier
HEIGHT: 5'10
WEIGHT: 201 lbs (mostly muscle)
LATERALITY: Ambidextrous due to training at an early age with his father
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RELIGION: Agnostic

POSITIVE TRAITS: Brave, honest, almost fearless
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Stubborn, serious, semi-loner
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

MORALITY: Deekeethus is an odd lizard. Whenever he's in public areas like a tavern, he mostly orders a drink and if he feels like it, he'll listen on the local banter and maybe even chime in. Other times he'll sit or stand in the background. Strangers will find it hard to get him to talk and even more to befriend him, but once accomplished, he'll want to hang out with said friends very often. He follows a strict code of honor however and never seems to fight in a cheap or unfair way. He'll give his opponents a chance if they can still get back up and fight more. However if he so much as witnesses his opponent not fighting fair at all or if he has the intuition to know they're not the type to fight fair, then he'll definitely forfeit all rules and play their little game. Deekeethus doesn't really have a strong sense in morals. He only cares about what pays and keeps his stomach well fed. However, there are moments where he feels what he is doing or is going to do is unjust. Mostly because it gives him very uncomfortable memories. He'll often refuse such jobs that involve assassination.

FEARS: Necromancy, injury, death and the Dunmer
LIKES: Being with very close friends, fighting, sparring, making a profit, wearing strong armor, being respected, spicy food and adventuring
DISLIKES: Being within the vicinity of strangers or crowds, dunmer slavers, being annoyed by someone, being forced to work with a partner and being pushed both mentally and physically

VERY SKILLED: Two-handers, heavy armor, athletics
MODERATELY SKILLED: Blacksmithing, intimidation, unarmed combat, swimming, restoration magic (due to Argonian racial benefits)
UNSKILLED: stealth, persuasion, destruction magic

HAIR COLOR: None. Only horns
WAR PAINT/TATTOOS: Red streaks across his eyes
EYE COLOR: Golden looking yellow
SKIN COLOR: Faded blue/green mix
BUILD: Mostly 70% muscle. 30% fat
SCARS: Several across his back, chest, legs and arms due to life as a mercenary
SPEECH: Hardly ever speaks due to his sort of lone wolf nature. His voice is low and husky. Mostly serious, stern, honest. But content and sociable when he's drank at least one pint of alcohol.
CLOTHING: Wears mostly heavy armor with chainmail underneath.


Early life: Deekeethus' childhood wasn't easy like most argonians born in Black Marsh. Living in constant fear of monsters and the treacherous swamp environments. He was born in Murkwood with a lovely father and mother who took care and defended him with their lives from the dangers of Black Marsh. Like other young hatchlings, his father and mother taught him how to walk, talk and anything that a baby must and should've been taught. When he grew up to be the age of 6, his mother started to educate him with all the knowledge she knew about life like you would learn at a school from the mage's guild after she got back from the tavern brewing ale. Years went by and he was finally the age of 10. The father started teaching him the art of combat whenever he had free time from working with the Pact. The father started easy with hand to hand and basic athletics. Deekeethus struggled a lot during the training, but his determination and admiration of his father in the army was kept him going. More years went by as Deekeethus started to grow stronger, faster and smarter during his education and training. His father and mother were very proud to see their son growing up so well and strong.

Early Adulthood: Finally becoming the age of 16, Deekeethus asked his father if he could join him on the fight for Cyrodill. However, his father refused as he didn't want his son to follow his path. The young argonian questioned why, but the father refused to explain. Only the mother understood why and Deekeethus was left with no answers. Two more years went by as Deekeethus kept on training and exercising. His father was amazed at how strong he had grown and even asked him to spar with him. He gladly accepted the spar with his father. Both punched and kicked without any hesitation. Teeth, blood and sweat were spilled, ground was destroyed by throwdowns and not one of them showed signs of stopping. The fight stopped as they both fell to the ground exhausted. The father was proud that his son was indeed a warrior. His son asked again if he could join the Ebonheart Pact. However, his father still refused. Deekeethus was frustrated and angry. So he ran away from home and went to be recruited to the Pact himself. The mother and father however, didn't try and stop him as they think this is something he'll only understand if he experiences it instead of being told why he should not join the pact.

Middle Adulthood: Two years later, Deekeethus finally got the training and permission to be in the field of combat. His commanding officer gave him his first job of defending a stronghold that might be attacked by the Daggerfall Covenant. He accepts and rode off to his destination. He arrives an hour later on his trustworthy steed, ran up towards the battlements and kept sharp eye. Nothing happened for a full straight 30 minutes and he decided to relax a bit inside. Minutes later when he was relaxing inside the stronghold. he could hear the sounds of walls being broken, screams of agony and swords clanging. He rushed out the doors and quickly saw how bad it was. Everyone was dying around him from arrows, to fire balls from catepults, axes cleaving their skulls, being burned or frozen alive by wizards and having their necks slit by deadly assassins. One redguard assassin ambushed Deekeethus from above, landed on his shoulders and proceeded to try and slit his throat. Deekeethus quickly threw the redguard down towards the hard concrete ground which broke the redguard's back and he finished him with a greatsword through the chest. However, Deekeethus knew he was outnumbered and the stronghold was lost. He ran off to his steed and proceeded to retreat back to base. One breton caught up to him and fired an arrow at the foot of his horse. Which caused the horse to hit the ground and sent Deekeethus flying and hitting the ground. The breton aims another arrow coated with very high potent poison to finish Deekeethus off. However Deekeethus' father rushed in and took the arrow for Deekeethus. The father resisted the pain of the arrow wound and kills off the breton with a quick slice through the neck from his ebony greatsword. He falls to the ground in agonizing pain as he vomits continuously from the poison. Deekeethus instantly runs to his father and carries him back to base to get cured and healed.

Late adulthood: When they arrived, his father was in bad shape. The poison has already damaged him so much, he was unable to fight at all. Not even stand or walk. He was forced to eat and drink very little to prevent vomiting. Deekeethus spent a week nurturing his own dad. A week later, Deekeethus gets another order. But he refused as he wants to continue nurturing his dad. The officer refused to take no for an answer and threatens to dismiss and punish Deekeethus if he refuses again. Likewise, Deekeethus refused again and he was instantly pushed, shoved, beaten, whipped, yelled at and overall insulted by the officer and the other soldiers. Deekeethus didn't care as he was trained by his own father to withstand this kind of punishment. But he was placed in the stocks and was instantly demoted to reserve again as he'll have to work another 3 years to be put on the field again. However, Deekeethus' father remained alive, but still somehow permanently incapicitated. Deekeethus is unsure whether the poison is fatal or not, and he still aims to save his own father. A week of constant torture and malnourishment later, night falls and Deekeethus was still locked in the stockades as one patrolling guard walked in front of him. Deekeethus not wanting to miss this opportunity, extended his neck as far as he can and nicked the guard's keychain with his own teeth. With dexterity and a little bit of luck, he slings the keychain to his right hand and unlocks the stockade that kept him binded. Quickly before anyone notices, he runs to the infirmary to grab his father and willingly goes AWOL. Not being the one for stealth, he was spotted and a chase ensued all across the northeastern side of Cyrodill. Arrows flew by as Deekeethus performed basic manuevers with a Banded Guar Charger he stole from the stables. It was out of sheer luck that Deekeethus got out of that chase alive with his unconscious father as a blizzard blew in, obscuring the chaser's vision. Only Deekeethus knew his way back home. As he arrives, his mother was in deep shock from the state the two were in. Deekeethus explains everything and the mother also explains the poison on his own father is curable. But it seems there exists only one ingredient in the whole continent of Tamriel that will cure his father's ailing illness.

Recent: Deekeethus continues to wander all by himself. Being suspicious of everyone because of how war has changed him and the fact he is now a wanted criminal by the Pact for disobeying a superior officer and going AWOL. His father warned him, but he of course did not listen. However, he believes that once he finally cures his father's ailness that puts him in bedrest for nearly twenty hours a day because of his weakened bones, Deekeethus will finally feel like he's accomplished life as a whole and thus, will feel slightly more confident to be around others. Being the caring son that he is, his family comes first and foremost.