Art by NihilAzari
Short Biography
AliasNone yet
RaceNord(Volunkiir vampire)
AffiliationBlack Scale Syndicate.
ResidenceSmall house in wilds of Winterhold.
Tittles/Ranks Leader of Black Scales Syndicate

Art by ChromaNoxis
Physical Description
Hakkar was born of nord parents. Inheriting the height, strong physicality, pale skin colour and sharp facial features of the nords. His rough and scarred face display the way of life in his clan. Living as an ancient nords, in wilderness where each day is battle against Skyrim's cold climate. Despite his rough lifestyle, Hakkar tends to his appearance with care, donning nicely cut hair and full beard.

Hakkar has changed fairly after he became vampire. His skin has become even paler than before, once green eyes that burnt with life has turned into blood-red, filled with hunger. Even his ears has reshaped into more pointy ones.

Personality Description
Usually friendly and outgoing towards strangers, humorous, the man loves to enjoy his life, be it spending peaceful evening with friends, striding through wilds, conquering new heights, delving into the lowest depth or just going on suicidal adventures. Hakkar is fiercely loyal individual, a true warrior at heart. His hard life has taught him the value of friendship, as such he holds high regard for it and will lay down his life for friend without a second thought. Yet as much as he values friendship, he holds equal hatred for betrayal and two-faced snakes.

Vampirism alters one not only from surface but from within too. Hakkar was no different, his adventurous spirit was torn out from him, thus once cheerful and outgoing man has turned into quiet, brooding and grim person. He always had deep connection with nature, wildlife and once that connection was severed, void in its' place was filled with anger and sorrow. Yet even curse of Molag Bal wasn't enough to shake his most cherished trait, Loyalty. For him betrayal was nethermost a man could fall.

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