Ay, I'm Chris. It's been a while since I'm actively used an RP forum, but I figured it'd be worth trying since the ESO world is so vast. I'm looking for RP of all varieties for my character Suni. He's a slave hunter who's a bit dead inside and cannot be honest about his work or many aspects of his life. As a writer, I'm fine with playing the villain, or anything (within reason) happening to my characters. I prefer RP that borders on realistic in that not many characters are some OP god and that magic and physical exertion is indeed a factor as well as environmental and social issues. (I.E., I play my drunk characters as drunk and not amazingly charming or possessing some otherworldly intestinal fortitude to drink sixteen kegs and fight like a blade whisperer).

Writing style: I vary between brief and succinct to purple and elongated. My general philosophy is to thoroughly portray a scene in the least amount of words possible.

I'm also interested in PvE and PvP. I'm a newb so bear with me.

If you don't mind a peculiar sense of humor and want to flex your writing muscles, hit me up in game: @cranham95 or simply just respond to this thread.

Profile: https://www.eso-rp.com/forum/m/9324623/viewthread/32480015-suni-eshmael-baksha/page/1