We are two roleplayers with a long history of online gaming. We have posted our origin stories below to give a flavor of the characters we intend to play. We are looking for an RP Guild with mature, welcoming members. While we do not intentionally violate lore, we are also not bound by it. We are focused more on our character development and story than world details. Our future guild will help include new members into active RP events while creating a story arc that engages them in the guild story without crushing the individual story arcs.
If you are an RP Guild who has (or at least tries) to master this fusion, is welcoming and inclusive in your RP styles, we are interested in speaking with you. We prefer classic, text roleplay (no dice), where issue are resolved between the players through realistic roleplay (no god modding or metagaming).
It may seem we have a lengthy list of wants but it boils down to this: We are looking for a place we fit, where people actively include new members, a place to call home.
The Beast Within - @neopagen

Sten’s nails dug into Jorald’s neck. The veins on his arms bulged as he strangled the man against the bar. Blind rage and animal instinct drove him. It took three men to pull him off of Jorald but it was too late. Sten panted like a feral beast. His temper was well known in Windhelm but this time he had gone too far as the blood and lifeless body could attest.

He knew he had to leave town. His father’s warning echoed in his mind, “Sten, your temper is like an uncontrolled beast within you that strikes without thought and with the slightest provocation. You need to learn to control it. Control it before someone dies.” He was right but Sten was stubborn. Now it was too late. Sten set out that very night to an old family home near Nimalten. It was a small and somewhat remote place. Close enough to the village for supplies yet far enough for him to remain anonymous and unseen.

Sten now knew his father had been right, had been trying to save him. He finally understood and had to learn to control his anger. As he would soon discover, his anger wouldn’t be the only beast hidden within him. Wolves attacked while he was camped outside of Riften on his way to his new home. He fought them off with only a few scrapes and cuts until a much larger wolf appeared, walking upright like a man. He had heard legends of such creatures but had never seen one, a werewolf.

The beast growled and lunged, fangs digging into Sten’s shoulder. Sten screamed in pain but knew he had only one chance to survive. While the beast held him in his jaws, Sten thrust his sword into the creature over and over. Finally, it succumbed to Sten’s attacks and died. As it lay on the ground, it transformed back into the semblance of a man. Sten burned the body and scattered the ashes.

The bite healed overnight. Sten knew immediately what that meant. Now more than ever he would need to stay away from his family, no, all people. Now more than ever, he would have to learn to control the raging beast within.

Shop Around the Corner - @madwoman
It had been a long time coming and a difficult road but finally Messina felt she had found the perfect place to call home, Nimalten. Close enough to town for amenities yet far enough away to not gather too much attention save for those seeking aid. She had seen in the past what attention can cause and she did not want that to happen. She would start by setting up a more permanent shop here, rather than traveling from town to town as she had done in the past and perhaps gain some business from the town folk.
She unpacked her wagon and began setting out the various bottles and containers of potions and herbs. She hung up a variety of plants and critters and stoked up a hearty fire. Stacking tombs and journals, lost in thought on how to arrange the shop for customers who wish to know their future or for those seeking advice like an unholy confessor, Messina stopped suddenly, deeply inhaling the scent in the air. She would need to hurry. She could tell by the scent in the air there was a need here. Perhaps it was not by chance that she found the perfect location after so long, perhaps some force has guided her here. Only time will tell.

Please contact either, @madwoman or @neopagen