Vampire looking for RP, NA-PC, @Radstrata

Cyrodiilic Vampire looking for Camaraderie, RP Experiences. I am looking for a guild, though one that might not be too, too large. Something with soul and purpose. I am looking for story and adventure. Please feel free to send me a message at @radstrata if you have any ideas or interest. I am looking for darker themes. My Bio is below.

Biography/Story in Short:

Aquila Severina was the Indentured Serving Girl to a noble family known as the Hawksfords. They were a very rich family who's prominence rose to it's height during and around 2E 320. She served them for much of her young life, living in their servants quarters and working for them in their manor that resided in the Idyllic Noble District of the Imperial City, on City Isle in Cyrodiil. This was before the fall of the Second Empire and a waning but golden time for the Imperial Throne.

The Hawksfords are a cavalcade of sleazy necromancers, conjurers, and illusionists. They gained much of their wealth through statecraft and sabotage. (OOC/IC Note: There are several evil Hawksfords still around today, and even present as players still playing evil roles on ESO.) They were not above using their servants as part of their malicious schemes. This came in many, equally appetizing dishes: unwitting mules of smuggled artefacts, magickal experiments, or even plain torture porn. The moment came only after they were sure that were not going anywhere, could be trusted, or they had manipulated them into owing them more years than they could ever pay in measly wage. Aquila was one of such servants. It didn't take much more than waving the debt in the face of a nearly mute, illiterate servant who had no outlook and no hope for the future. They said she was free if she allowed an experiment. She allowed them to experiment on her, with a newly coined Porphyritic Hemophilia (later, Porphyric Hemophilia), from an unknown sire Vampire, and without the purity of blood granted by Molag or Lamae Bal. They didn't tell her, or the others that were experimented on what they were in for. Nearly none of the servants survived the ordeal. Either killing eachother, or outright dying to the disease before the third day.

Aquila was one of two servants in the house to survive the ordeal, and both escaped. --Though many of her belongings stayed at the house when she left. Immediately upon escape, she left the Imperial City by way of it's antediluvian, labyrinthine sewers. An Ayelid ruin on her first night, and confusion when the sun caused her skin to sizzle and turn black lead to hungry days till she understood. Once she did, her path lead her up and out of Cyrodiil by way of the Blue Road to Morrowind. A vampire fledgling, she was still weak to the sun, and starved for food. By the time she was able to escape to Vvardenfel by way of Ebonheart, she had become a bloodstarved Vampire. She was extremely weak to the sun by now and she had fed mostly on slaves, of which Morrowind has many. Of her clan, the vampire who sired her was one of the clan of Cyrodiil. Though in some regions there are many different types, only one clan reigns in Cyrodiil, and it's a clan that is known for appearing more human, civilized, and organized. They only feed on their victims through sleep, and they are manipulators and charlatans. Though she wasn't taught in such a manner, the power is in the blood, and her charisma and frail appearance allowed her to pass through many checkpoints unharmed, and thus she found a type of freedom on Vvardenfell once she was away from Imperial Walls and under the banners of the Great Houses.

Vampirism was sought to extinction and thus was believed to be extinct in Morrowind at this time. By the time someone was able to find her, and overwhelm her increased strength and bloodcraze, It was none other than a Telvanni. She was captured by a Telvanni Mouth in the mouth's own Ancestral Tomb. Finding the ghosts a sort of cold comfort, Aquila had made her 'home' there. After capture, Aquila Severina was brought to Firewatch. One of the Eight major city-states of Morrowind, on the edge the Sea of Ghosts. The Telvanni captured her to study her. A member of a race of intelligent beasts they had long thought extinct- so the Telvanni's Master had her sequestered away on his Island home.

She was 'studied' underneathe the watchful gaze of the Telvanni Master and allowed to live there in the Master's home. Though she lived in such small space she was thankful. She was allowed some sort of comfort, real comfort. She was taught to communicate better, read and write, and though she was studied and was seldom able to leave-- and when she did, she did so under their watchful eye-- She lived and learned with the Telvanni for over two-hundred years. The Telvanni learned of her strain and some of vampirism, while she played puppet for a Master. She was fed, he saw to it, and she was mostly undisturbed. Once her Master was assassinated before the conception of the Ebonheart Pact by one of his rivals, she made her second escape. Though she did so a much different person than the first time.

The assassination of her Master allowed Aquila Severina to move on. Living in the veritable prison of a Telvanni Island on a Continent that thinks your race is completely extinct is in some terms an exercise in absurdity. She had nothing but time and confinement. Aquila had lived almost three centuries in a town composed of ancient magical knowledge that held her in no higher regard than any other studying mage. Her master's vast library had much in the way of arcane tomes, so she learned much in the way of Conjuration, Illusion, Destruction and Restoration Magic, though she can call herself a master of none. She learned how to take care of herself properly despite her disease, and how to act civilized and properly Imperial. She learned to make her own equipment, and she learned swordplay and archery. By the time she left her two-hundred and something year confinement, she was.. actually quite skilled, though entirely untested. An amateur smith, woodworker and more, all by trade. She learned the art of fencing, and she learned archery, and enchanting. Though she spent much of her life in chains, metaphorical as they were, she still spent all of her time learning.

Four years after the soulburst she came back to continental Morrowind from Vvardenfell again by way of the Black City. She has been working her way further Inland, and seeing the sights of Tamriel. Though she is a mutt vampire and must remain sunless, she has no trouble these days moving through the war-ravaged nation-states of the interregnum Period.

Name: Aquila Severina
Race: Imperial
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel/Blue
Height: 5'1
Weight: 121 lbs.
Body/Type: Thin
Age: Death at 22 (2E, 322) Current Age Estimated at: 286-288