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[NA-PC] Supporting Character - Looking For Employer/Master/Owner

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Hi there ESO-RP,

I'm a lapsed player returning to the game (I float around, but the last time I played heavily was in 2014), and I'm hoping to engage with the RP community more this time around. I'd like to ease myself back into the setting, player community and lore again by playing a character who acts in a supporting role to someone else. I hope to at least get myself stuck into a new personal story with that someone, and in the best case, I'd like to be able to meet a whole new group or guild of players alongside them.

With that in mind, I'd like to make a character to play someone's assistant (or employee, or slave, or apprentice, etc.). While almost any character concept could work for me with the right person and some discussion, some of the ones that make sense in my head so far include:

  • House servant/maid to a wealthy individual or family
  • Apprentice to a tradesman or mage
  • Shopkeeper's clerk or bookkeeper
  • An indentured servant or captive slave
  • A vampire's thrall (or similar)

So if you need any of the above, or have something in mind I might consider that isn't on that list, I want to hear from you! Right now, I have free character slots and no real attachment to any of my existing characters, so exactly who/where/for whom I play can be something we talk about and plan together (so that it meets your needs too.)

Here are a couple of notes on my preferences! I play on US-Eastern time, usually in the evenings. I have a job that lets me roleplay outside of the game during the day sometimes (I can freeform via forum, PMs, or Discord chat, usually), but most of my free time for gameplay is at night. I prefer to play the more-human races (Bretons, Redguards, Nords and Imperials), and create/play characters of both genders. Darker stories, stories with adult content or themes, and the Weird Stuff tm that occasionally occurs between characters in fantasy worlds is all mostly permissible with me, as long as whatever it is is discussed and agreed upon by everyone involved first. Don't be shy about asking if there are specifics you're curious about writing for - the worst that will happen is that we don't decide to do them! My major roleplay limiter is that whatever happens between two people should have a good narrative reason for happening, and beyond that, there's room for a lot to happen.

Thank you for giving this a look, and for messaging me directly here on Enjin with any interest!
Posted Jan 27, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 27, 19
If your character wouldn't mind cleaning up a giant mushroom, Sul is looking for an apprentice and a housekeeper, the two jobs come hand in hand within this particular fungus lol. I'm on most evenings except for weekends if interested you can contact me here or in game, @orcablaze is my @ name. Potential arcane experimentation may occur!
Posted Feb 6, 19 · Last edited Feb 6, 19