Full name : Ayreon* Laussac
Age: middle twenties
Race: Breton
Height: below average
Build: skinny and fragile
Occupation: wanderer and minstrel
Place of birth: small barony in Glenumbra
Residence: Wayrest, a room in one of the city inns.

His Appearance.

Ayreon is a young Breton man of peculiar appearance: he can be described as very pale, or even colourless, but lack of pigmentation in his skin, eyes and hair does not come across as something supernatural, yet something exotic and almost eerie. This man of fragile build with long colourless hair definitely stands out of the crowd.

Another thing you notice soon about him is his eyes - besides the colour, or rather its total absence, they never focus on anything, but neither they move aimlessly like eyes of someone who lost their sight due to accidents, no. They always peer right in front, like eyes of those who were born blind. Only at times, perhaps by accident, he meets the gaze of others, making them feel very uncomfortable. He usually looks tense, concerned about something and deep frown furrows his brow, especially when he tries to understand his surroundings. Oblivious to the world of gestures, he though knows some manners, and while the smile never appears on his lips out of courtesy but only when he feels happy, he does offer the bow now and then to those who demand respect, be it a noble lord, wise wizard or just charming maiden with pleasant voice.

Yet when he picks up his lute, his face softens, some inner light starts shining within him, as he gives himself away to the love of his life - music.

He dresses humbly, mostly seen in his traveller outfit made of leathers and sturdy fabrics, quite worn and battered. When performing in front of audience, he wears simple blouse and leather vest, of good quality, but solid folds on them hint that most of time this outfit remains on the bottom of the trunk or backpack.
Ayreon's in game looks and some sketch.

His Music and His Temper.

His lute is another story: this is one of the most wonderful lutes you could see, crafted by skilled master from the best materials, covered with ornaments and, doubtlessly, with protective enchants. This instrument is a true masterpiece. And Ayreon knows how to use it. One gentle touch of the strings, and the lute fills the whole caste hall with rich, vibrant sound.

His youthful, rather high pitched voice cannot be described as very strong or having wide range, however Ayreon mastered its use as well.

If asked to perform something of his own pieces, Ayreon can surprise. Among gentle ballads of rare beauty, he has number of rather strange pieces that to untrained ear might sound unpleasant, shocking, like cacophony almost, while others could remind of cold and calculated texts from alchemy or enchanting textbook, precise and well structured but somehow.. soulless?..

His words also might make no sense at times, his logic can seem questionable at least, and in a way he'd remind of hermits or scholars, who lost their common sense somewhere between the pages of old books. What thoughts occur in his head? How did he learn to percept reality, as someone, who was born into darkness?
This darkness is something he is struggling with. As if it tries to consume him whole, this reflects on his character. His mood changes quite fast, too much noise and other sensations often give him splitting headaches and from caring attentive person he can quickly turn into spoiled egoistic child, jealous and demanding.

He seems to know his way with nature, though, as if spending time among trees, birds and forest animals was more fulfilling for him that company of other people, be it men or mer. Why, why others are so difficult? Animals love him, always. They understand him and never judge and he returns the kindness.

His Past.

Ayreon does not like to talk about his past, and never he mentions his family name, as if it was insignificant detail. Yet if you're lucky to be one of his friends, he'll eventually tell that he is a son of rich merchant, born in small barony of Glenumbra, and that he has two elder brothers, and his father still lives, but his mother died right after he himself was born.

His blindness and strange appearance made him a black sheep from the very early years, pushing away from people who openly feared the "cursed boy". And so he found solace on the glades and river banks, spending his time there, listening to the birds, running river and wind whispering in the foliage of the trees, and playing his small flute... Until one day the baron himself rode past and froze, speechless, as he heard beautiful songs performed by a little boy. He took Ayreon to the court, to the relief of his own father who never liked his youngest son. The boy was raised at the court, provided with nice clothes, good food and soft bed to sleep in and educated by the best teachers the lord could find.

Ayreon repaid the kindness, composing many songs and ballads for the lord himself and all the nobility, and soon turned into one of the local wonders. He held almost magical power over lord and ladies, making them cry or laugh, entertaining them but also showing them something, making them think and feel deeper that they'd usually do. He loved his old lord tenderly, like a son would love his father, but he never made any friends, aside an old court wizard, who taught Ayreon one single warding spell, but was more valuable as source of stories.

Then something happened. The old lord died, and his heir did not wish Ayreon to be around anymore. The bard never tells the details of what exactly made the young lord be so wroth with him, but rumours say the lady was involved. Couple of jealous vile tongues also spread the rumours that Ayreon is actually an evil wizard who curses people with his songs, so this allowed the young lord to exile the bard. After that, he decided to avoid people and spent almost a year alone, wandering around forests and fields.
Ayreon and Karesa.

These days he lives in Wayrest, and from lost and confused traveller he is slowly turning into rather normal citizen, at least on surface. He managed to make some friends, find new customers, one student and even fall in love for the first time in his life. Yet there is something lingering in his soul, refusing to remain just a musician, entertainer, he seeks answers before he even knows questions, restless, stubborn.
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All art in this thread is made by me, unless mentioned otherwise.

* - for those who might wonder, this character is indeed based on Dutch progmetal project "Ayreon", by Arjen Anthony Lucassen, specifically on "The Final Experiment" album storyline. I loved this character so much, that his tragic story seemed unfair to me, and I decided to recreate him in ESO universe. Consider it a tribute.