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NA- LF Active, StructuredAND Casual (Will explain) RP guild.

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Hi, My char's name is Rey'lias, I'm currently looking for a new RP guild, somewhere structured but also very active(Random RP/Casual Etc, being commonplace. Say, a town or kingdom based for example?) Anyway. Any Guilds out there (Of all types, always wanna hear from all! :) ) please send me your information and or questions and we will see if it works! See you all soon hopefully! :)

(PS; if you think you've seen this post, probably have.. lol I had it in EU section like a dumb*** for days! :p ))
Posted Sun at 12:21 pm · OP
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Gold Coast
If you have any interest in Imperial or vampire RP you can take a peek at House Ravnore. We'll be closing for recruitment in the next day or two but I think we fit the type of atmosphere you're looking for--structured with divisions, rules, and a character sheet system, but also based almost entirely on freeform daily slice of life RP in our niche setting.

Good luck in your search!

Lady Olyviana Ravnore 6znzDGU.pngHouse Ravnore | Imperial Vampire House
Posted Sun at 02:35 pm