Good day everyone! \o

I'm seeking for a partner to develop both my and his/her background story while adventuring and discovering the word of Tamriel with me by doing some quests, custom lore, gathering, housing and stuff alongside a romance with my partner (check the preferences at the bottom).

My timezone is -3 GMT, and I can be online at night on workdays (from 8pm to 1 am max) and freely on weekends.

Spoiler: About my characterShow
Spoiler: Quick background storyShow

My preferences about my rp partner:

-Have a lesbian woman;
-Available to discord RP;
-Have a character with backstory;
-Preference those who can DM too (or is willing to try);
-At least 18+ years old.

NOTE: I'm willing to do a race change on this character when the update 21 arrives and my main option is a Dark Elf (it's not certain yet). I will try to keep the background story more similiar as possible to this one only changing the location and some facts. If someone is still interested and wants to start before, I will seek a workaround to keep the long term going.

If you have any questions, want to make a "test-drive" or want to start it up, contact with me here or discord (Hollana#8861) or in game (@Wirephifier).