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[NA-AD] Festival of Mara in Reaper's Rest

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The third annual Reaper's Rest Festival of Mara welcome couples and singles alike to join in a celebration of love and the Mother Cat!

When? This Saturday, 16th of February. 7PM Eastern time.

Where? Thizzrini Arena, Reaper's March. ICly it is the town of Reaper's Rest in the same region.

Come on and all to the Festival of Mara! In celebration of the Mother Cat and the love she spreads upon Nirni, the people of Reaper's Rest will be holding two main events. One will be a date auction, where singles can volunteer and bid on one another to win dates, and maybe just the love of their life while also giving to charity. The other will be a couple's competition, where the crowd will choose their favorite couples for several categories such as cutest couple, most endearing couple, and most unexpected couple. Beyond the auction and competition will be food, drinks, and dancing for all. It's a time of love and joy, so bring your love or look for a new one in Reaper's Rest!

Auction Rules: A limit of 7 potential dates will be set. OOC game gold will be needed to pay for any bids made. This is to prevent infinite bidding. The gold ICly will be given to a charity, and OOCly will be returned back to the community through a raffle in the weeks to come. Once a date is promised from a winning bid, it is up to the bidder and the won date to the plan and coordinate for their RP date.

Competition Rules: Each couple must consist of two individuals either courting, engaged, or married. Each couple will be asked a number of questions to introduce them to the crowd. The crowd will then vote as a whole for each separate category.

For group invitations, please contact @DerAlleinTiger in-game at the time of the event!
@DerAlleinTiger - Guild Lead of Reaper's Rest
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Hey Jo'vassa! Long time since seeing you. My main character was Jhared Daleroth from Relics if you can remember that far back. Good to see you still doing the AD thing. Best of luck tonight for your event!
Oh for muse of truth that we could descend into the darkest Hells of our own inventions. A kingdom, a stage, a cage.
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