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Stranger in these lands! (Looking for a group or person to rp with!)

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Hey! I'm new to the game in terms of roleplay, but I have been rping on other games for countless years, recently a buddy of mine mentioned ESO actually has a community for it which I didn't know, and I'm quite desperate to get involved in some over here, I just don't know where to start in the slightest, so finding a group or even a rp partner here would do me a lot of good!

As for the roleplay I enjoy it tends to be pretty varied, but I love anything magic, anything criminal and last but not least good ol adventuring.

I have two chars already made though they are low level but I am willing to make a toon for any partner or group that could convince me, I'm really down to playing anything from a simple soldier to an ancient vampire.

As for established concepts I currently have three

Name: Dazai Orengi
Race: Dunmer
Class: Nightblade (Archer)
Occupation: Monster Hunter I Mercenary I Enforcer

Backstory: Not much is known about Dazai as he was born in the wild and often stays in the wild, only coming out for work, or when jobs entail such a thing, though he has served the underworld of Tamriel doing work for the highest bidding for many years.

- Born to a group of roving Mercenaries and so is well known within such circles
- Hunts monsters and people for the right price.
- Skilled in medicine


Name: Lancin Ryvenholt
Race: Breton (Vampire)
Class: Dragonknight
Occupation: Vampire Hunter I Mercenary I Wandering Alchemist

Backstory: Before Lancin was bitten and turned he was a wandering slayer of all the things that go bump in the night, including Lycans and Vampires, becoming pretty well known for it. Eventually he would meet his match and would be turned by a vampire as the ultimate punishment, becoming the very thing he hates, for a time he lost himself to his vampiric nature and even served covens before breaking free and becoming a slayer once more, searching for a cure that he's sure does not exist.

- Served in a coven for some time
- Hunts creatures of the night
- Skilled in potion making
- Could be turned back to evil by the right person or redeemed by another, either would be fun rp.


Name: Logrul
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Occupation: Enforcer I Muscle for Hire I

Backstory: Logrul is an orc who was born into combat and has never left it, serving whomever offers him the best fights and when that stops he moves onto the next, he's constantly searching for a worthy match.

- Travelled all around as muscle
- Engaged in many a tavern brawl
- Skilled in Survival techniques


I would love to hear from people and my discord is : IceIceBaby#0633
Posted Feb 14, 19 · OP
To find other RPers, at best you join some of the EU OOC Hub guilds.
That is:
Stormhaven RP
Aldmeri Dominion RP
Vardenfell RP
Tamriel Hardcore RP
Posted Feb 14, 19
Cheers! looking for a guild still for sure.
Posted Feb 15, 19 · OP
Ebonheart Pact
I'd also add Tamriel Adventurers to the list of active hubs.
Posted Feb 15, 19