"I do not know what set him on this path, nor does anyone else. He was a good man once... Honor was something that he held in high regard, to defend those with his blade that he deemed worthy to protect. Now it seems those he once made an oath too find themselves beneath his wrath." - Legate Volso


NAME Lucius Portius xx RACE Imperial/Colovianxx GENDER Malexx TITLE Lord, Legatexx AGE 33xx EYES Bluexx SKIN Fairxx HAIR Blackxx HEIGHT 6'5''xx xx BUILD Muscularxx



Almost always seen clad head to toe in his armor, Lucius never goes anywhere without it. He wore it once with pride from his days in the Second Legion, now it only serves as a constant reminder of the past. He has the look of a Colovian, tall and thick with muscle from years of fighting during Varen's Rebellion. His body is marred and shows traces of many battles, yet still glows with the strength and vigor of his youth. A black mane lies hidden under his helm which falls loose past his shoulders with eerie blue eyes ever watching and a seemingly permanent scowl with a thick dark beard growing around his jaw.


A native of Cyrodiil, born in the Gold Coast with its fine weather and sandy beaches near Anvil, Lucius was born as a commoner during the time when the Longhouse Dynasty ruled over Cyrodiil. There are rumors of how Lucius became a lord but the most notable is his assistance in Varen's Rebellion when the Reachmen, Leovic legalized Daedra worship. Sparking outrage across the province, Varen Aquilarios, Duke of Chorrol raised his banners of the Gold Coast in response.

Lucius joined Varen and the Second Legion as he marched to the Imperial City. Only to return to assist in the defense of the Gold Coast from the Pirate Queen and Count of Anvil. One recent event was a defense near Hrota Cave where Lucius fought against a Daedric horde and forced to retreat with only a half of his men intact to which bards had named the Battle of Hrota Cave. After the events of the Soulburst Lucius returned to his estate where he became bitter but aware of the dangers that were around him.


A somewhat good and bad man, Lucius is usually a calm but temperamental individual. Some describe him as an unnerving mute with a deadly gaze. Like a wolf eyeing down wounded prey. He only exchanges words with people that he knows, preferring to observe others and listen before speaking. When among allies, he speaks his mind only when he feels the need to do so. During Varen's Rebellion, Lucius was once merciful to those he came across. However due to the horrors of the Soulburst and the Three Banners War that he experienced firsthand, it has taken it's toll, both physically and mentally. Lucius holds grudges whenever mocked or slighted. He is slow to anger but terrible when roused, even going so far as to draw blood when provoked. However he is generally level-headed if not uncanny when around others, never showing his true colors or motives only when he feels it necessary or loses control of his temper.


House Portius - Almost always found at his estate, Lucius uses his time to train his men and conduct trade agreements with cities and other noble houses across Tamriel.

Second Legion - Lucius was a former legate of the Second Legion serving under Varen. With years of experience he made a name for himself within the ranks and across Cyrodiil before the events of the Soulburst occurred.

Ships - During the rule of the Longhouse Dynasty and even under Varen, House Portius prospered by trading across the Abecean and other routes. Lucius has taken use of the ships found at his estate to use for trade and at times commit raids. His reputation in the Abecean and beyond as a raider befits him well given his mixed ways and warped personality.


Voice and Persona: Pilou Asbaek and Rory McCann, Game of Thrones

Face Claim: Andy Whitfield, Spartacus

Dueling Style: Beric Dondarrion vs. Sandor Clegane, Game of Thrones