The Dusk Striders

IC Introduction
The Duskstriders are a band of criminals and mercenaries who are connected by only one motivation - profit. They're willing to do things that many won't, and as such, often end up being contracted by either the truly desperate or the truly deranged. They don't stick around for very long, knowing better than to let themselves get caught by some errant hedge-adventurers. Willing to use any means necessary to get the job done, they don't shy away from tactics which normal people would consider horrific, inhumane, or insane.

They take on many missions, be it the infiltration and eradication of orders, the hunting of men and creatures alike, or delving into tombs to seal an ancient item from a horde of the undead. They're not beyond delving into a Daedric realm to gain the favour of the Dark Princes. Whatever it takes to line their pockets.

OOC Introduction

Thank you for reading this far! We're a pretty new guild in terms of this community, but between us all, we have many years of experience in this sort of thing. What you can expect from joining us is weekly RP, both event-based and casual, so you'll have plenty of chances to develop both in downtime and in action.

We welcome all races, but mostly seek characters that have no issues with darker actions and activities. We're also looking for contacts and alliances with other dark-themed guilds and persons. So if this is something you think is interesting, please check below for our contact details.

Dazai Orengi - @Drduwwaa for ingame and IceIceBaby#0633 on discord, or you can message me via here.

Mariadrie Virah - @Tweeby

Love to hear from you all