Greetings traveler,

The SleepingKnights are once again recruiting, for a limited time of two months, you can join our amazing guild! We are Role-play friendly, aid with PvE quests, lend support for PvP battles, and are a social guild!

Want to level up your crafting skills but can't seem to find any material? No worries, our guild bank plays host to many crafting items, refinement items, and trait gems! Our bank also has a wide variety of drinks and glyphs ripe for anyone to use!

Have items for sale? Our internal guild store is open for any one to use, and we periodicly bid on guild traders so you can sell your wares to Tamriels finest!

We also have opportunities for officer ranks and positions. Simply message the guild leader and we will find a role that fits you!

Want to stay in contact with your guild mates and learn about new events and raffles? Stay connected with our very own Discord server! We have plenty of bots for music, moderation, and even jokes. Rumor has it Todd Howard himself may appear at any mention of Skyrim!

We accept players of any level and any skill range, any faction and any race!

What are you waiting for? Request an invite today!

(Invite requests can be sent via in game mail or through Xbox Live messaging, send all queries to "The Marine708")