Caelius Morvinus
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Occupation: Author & Adventurer
Often Located: Wayrest

Activities: Writing & Adventuring
Areas of Studies: Enchantment, Caligraphy
Languages: Tamrielic (Common)
Birthsign: The Serpent
Age: Presumably Mid-Twenties
Relationship Status: Single

Father: Decimus Morvinus (Imperial) Merchant
Mother: Svenja "Fair-Shield" - Warmaiden
Brother: Brutus Morvinus - Soldier
Brother: Bjorn "Wolf-Kin" - Mercenary
Sister: Sonya the Young - Tailor

Associations: Mage's Guild
Adversaries: None


N A M E : Caelius Morvinus ✵ R A C E : Nord ✵ G E N D E R : Male ✵ T I T L E : The Wordsmith ✵
E Y E S : Bright Blue ✵ S K I N : Pale ✵ H A I R : Light Blonde ✵ H E I G H T: 175cm ✵ B U I L D : Lean


General Appearance: Caelius appears to be of average height, supporting a supple and lean physique. He possesses vibrant clear eyes, and blonde medium to long hair that subtly shifts with the wind. Caelius is easily recognised by his curled lips sporting a grin, whether it is out of friendliness or mischevious intent, it is hard to determine in a single glance. He often wears a formal attire in civilised places, other times when exploring and out adventuring he can be found wearing cladded armour as an anxious precaution.

Personality: As an aspiring author, Caelius's curiousity is in no short supply. Breathing in inspiration from those he befriends, experiencing perils and adventures with comrades, nothing gives him more pleasure than to relish these moments. An eager learner, he is known to be quite 'nosey' and impulsive. Often times inexplicably asking for sword lessons from mercenaries he barely met, helping the dishes in taverns to understand the 'secrets of innkeepers' or deciding to become a follower in exchange for a person's life story.

His child-like curiosity stems from the desire to 'grasp the essence' of people to potray in his stories.

Should one be willing to put up with his eccentricity interested in meeting his aquaintance, they'll find themselves having their own stories to tell others~


Published Works
A Tale of Woe, Volume. IThe traumatic descent of a young Breton into the world of vengeance and assasination.
Portaits of AnguishA Bosmer's discovery of portraits within an unknown cabin in the dark woods.
An Act of ValorThe 18th Legion's final resolve against the invading horrors of Coldharbour.

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