Greetings and Blessings to all.
My name is Dayani LaFaye. A young female Bosmer from the town of Cormount. If you know anything of the town, the rumors are true. But my direct lineage will remain my secret. I’ve been traveling the world of Tamriel looking to better myself. I’ve become a dedicated Priestess of Mara and a new follower of Dibella (although Mara will always be my number one). I’ve built a home Temple of Mara in Earthtear Cavern up in Craglorn. Though I do also have the summer home in Vvardenfall, the Amaya Lakehouse. I am a Templar Healer by trade and clothier and enchanter as my profession. Currently single but I know Mara will soon bless me with love. I’m looking for a group of like minded people to come together and travel through this crazy world we call life. To bond and grow together towards a greater good.

((OOC: Looking for real Roleplay guilds/groups who have a consistent rp presence. I want to BE my character. Lots of RP experience but never IN a game. So I’m excited to try. Want to actively roleplay my character.))