Earaelle Stormfaere; known more casually as Elle

Ethnicity: Altmer

Age: Mature

Gender: Female

Physical Description:
Slightly taller than average with pale blue eyes and light golden hair. She bears a very light, nearly indiscernible scrolling tattoo upon her skin. She might simply refer to it a flight of fancy she suffered at a young age, as it is an enhancement to her otherwise beautiful skin. Of course, this marking is not merely a tattoo and serves a significant purpose she is wise enough not to share. She does not look her age, but her true age is never a thing she will ever share.

Marital Status: Single, yet married (See below for more details)

She has two children, a daughter and a son, both adults managing the family estate in Summerset. She long ago left such things in their capable hands and retreated to their more modest family home in Auridon, the small island's comparably lax expectations more tolerable to her tastes and whims. She is technically still married to the husband of her youth, however he has been missing for nearly two decades. Some push her now and then to be done with it and declare him dead...but what is it to an Altmer with such long memory to wait a decade or two just to be sure? She has never been able to find a single, credible clue that might lead her in a direction to discover what might have happened with him, but she searches faithfully.

Alignment: Neutral

Always evolving, but currently known to be a Sorcerer with the Mages Guild, often linked with the Wayrest, Summerset, and Auridon Halls. Her unknown affiliations are many, but only those within them, who deal personally with her there, would know of her.

Enigmatic, she shifts from the proper form expected of an Altmer to something akin to quite casual and open, depending on her company and the circumstances. She isn't known to display any of the Xenophobic tendencies of her race, but her aloof manner most often causes those she may meet to habitually assume she fits such a stereotype.

She earned the moniker 'Stormfaere' at a young age when her spell craft lent itself to the lightening and shock spells common with such natural phenomena, and kept it as a way to distinguish herself among the other races of Nirn. Yet, her heart held a fascination for portal magic, with all the opportunities such an ability afforded. She is also gifted with Enchanting and secretly, Illusion. She is an avid reader, researcher, explorer and is just as happy in the depths of a delve digging in the dirt as she is sipping tea in front of the hearth at home in her manor. She often drifts off into deep thought as conversations, research, or reading cause her to chase the little rabbits they produce.

Her history is quite extensive, and because her nature tends to keep much of her past private, it might be best to seek her out and come to know her if one finds anything so far intriguing, so they may learn more...if they can.

Spoiler: Clues to her Husband's DisappearanceShow