"You know, sometimes I even impress myself."

General Info
Full name : Katitka "Ophelia" Moon
Age: 31
Race: Redguard/Imperial Mixed
Birthsign: The Shadow
Birthday: 15th of Second Seed
Occupation: Member of The Mooncloaks
Place of birth: Bruma in northeren Cyrodil
Residence: The Mooncloaks Enclave
Major Skills: Perception, Interrogate, Acting, Acrobatics, Filch,
Minor Skills: Tactics, Stealth, Pick Locks, Fitness
Likes and Dislikes
Likes: Alcohol, Flirting, Apples (The fruit), Skooma, and gold.
Dislikes: Getting cheated, All other food aside from Apples, and Idiots.

Backstory - Part 1
Katitka never knew her parents, as both were killed sometime after she was born. The local Tavern owner owner named Jaran Moon, took her in and raised her as his own. He grew quite fond of her. By the time Katitka reached the age of five, Jaran started to teach her Alchemy,which she mastered rather quickly in only a few months. Jaran also taught he basicin self-defence, how to hunt, and the arts of stealth.

Around the time when she was eighteen, a man one day entered the Tavern. He was dress in a black robe, with a weird medallion of a hand print. Katitka, having been working at the tavern for most of her life and knew just about all their regulars pretty well, was excited and approached the man. Ready to take his order, she politely asked the man what he would like, man said nothing much, except for a cheap ale and some stale bread. Katitka went into the kitchen and got the man’s order. Upon returning, she placed him the stale bread and ale. He said nothing in return. Katitka, turned her attention to another customer for a second, and when she returned to the man to collect the gold, he was gone. On the table, there was a few gold coins and envelope with her name on it. It had a red hand print acting on the seal. She grabbed the letter and shoved it into her dress and got ready to help the next batch of customers that just walked in.
Backstory - Part 2

After another long day of working in the Tavern, she retreated to her room for some rest. As she laid on her bed, the letter fell out of her dress. Looking at it, she begrudingly opening it. The letter contained info stating that both of her parents were distinguished members of The Dark Brotherhood and were killed by Jaran Moon, a Dark Brotherhood killer. The Brotherhood spent many years, waiting for Katitka to come of age, for when she can avenge her parents. The letter gave basic instructions on to create an untracable poision and instructed her to pour it into his private ale reserve. Not believing this, she crumpled the letter and threw it aside. She got up from her bed and proceeded to go down stairs to tell Jaran about the weird letter.

When she got about half down, she overheard Jaran talking to some of the towns folks. Katitka’s mind was shattered completely when she heard Jaran say himself that it was tricky work keeping it a secret that he killed Katitka’s parents and how easy it was to keep it a secert fro, her. Keeping her composure, Katitka went back to her room and began to read the letter some more, it contained a Map with an X point near the town of Anvil. “When the Black door asks you the question, reply with "Sublime, my Brother".” Katika proceeded to make an untraceable poison, that will make it seem as if though he died from natural causes. She waited until late at night, when Jaran would be asleep. She snuck into his room and poured the poison into his ale into his reserves. She then grabbed a enough gold to help her reach Anvil. She then left the Tavern, never to be seen again by the people of Bruma.
Backstory - Part 3

After a long trip to the southwest of Cyrodil, She managed to reach Anvil, she proceeded ask the people for dircections. Not getting much help, she desided to hike out and attempt to find it on her own. She travled the hills for two days, between Kvatch and Anvil. On the thrid day, she desided to setup camp a little early and give up for the day. Katitka made a small fire, which it's warmth caused her to doze off. She was awoken to sounds of nearby footsteps only a few moments after. She attempted to reach for her sword, but someone had stepped on her and pinned her to the ground. When Katitka looked up, she was shocked to see it was Jaran Moon.

"You though that simple Brotherhood trick would work on me? Your just like your parents." Jaran said with an angry tone while chuckling. Katitka remained quite, glaring at the Jaran. "I am going to gut you like I did to your whore mother, and feed your remains to wolves like your father!" Katitka, thinking her life was over, closed her eyes and embraced what she thought was her fate. Jaran lifted his sword and thrusted it towards Katitka's skull, but he had stopped inches away. She opened her eyes to see that a dagger was sticking between his eyes and another in the throat. Gasping for air, the brute of a man dropped his sword and fell over. Katitka got to her feet and looked around for her hero. On a nearby hill, she saw the same man from the Taveren, and she ran towards him.