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[EU] Haven - Supernatural RP

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Dar'kyndis Haven
(Ayleidoon: Darrekyndis – Child of Mercy)
Protect, serve and survive; in unity, peace and understanding.

What is Haven?
Haven is a relaxed and stress-free roleplay environment for supernaturals.
It’s a space that works as a safe haven and neutral ground. We are recruiting characters who happen to be supernaturals, but are not defined by their afflictions. Mortals are welcome in the haven as well. It is the belief of the Haven that Vampires and Werewolves are people before they are monsters. There is a no tolerance policy for violence, and the haven is not seeking to make an army of any kind.

Who is welcome?
Haven welcomes those who seek to coexist with mortals as equals, not merely treating them as food or lambs for slaughter. The haven provides guidance to those in need and a place to seek acceptance and unity in refuge from judgement and persecution. Mortals are welcome in the haven as well.

What is your conduct?
Haven is not authoritarian, but rather a pluralistic group, where the different views and opinions of members are valued and heard. There are certain roles within the group, and each member may have their own purpose within, depending on what they would prefer to contribute with. Guardians are members protecting and ensuring peace, aka admins. Watchers are members who are familiar with the conduct and day-to-day handling. Refugees are persons who are seeking refuge rarely or for a limited time. There are many more roles one may take up.

Where is Haven?
Haven is located in Stonefalls, Morrowind, in a secluded spot in the mountains. Each member receives a recall stone to be able to travel between their location and the haven. The haven is protected by a warding spell that is strengthened each month by the mages of Haven.

Haven hosts events that are varied in nature. From social events that seek to bond people closer together, to mystery solving, combat- and magical training, research, and philosophical debates. Anyone is able to host and DM events of their own choosing. There is an IC noticeboard as well.

Join us, and grow with us!
You have to fill out an Application to be accepted by the team of Guardians. The purpose of the application is to ensure that your character fits the peaceful dynamic of the group. We have a Discord for members, so get in contact with Fenlix#8709 !

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Art Commissions
Currently closed.

Lyrïleth, idealist and peacekeeper.
“People know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

Fenlaris, pacifist and a hermit.
“There's always a choice. Sometimes you think there's not because it's easier.”

Aūstere, Daedra of Clavicus Vile.
"What binds people is greed, desire and ambition."
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A nice place to delve into Supernatural RP and learn and discuss, without the drama ( OOC drama ) usually involved. Having lots of fun so far! :
“The only universal justice in this world is cuteness!”
Posted Mar 21, 19
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