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"Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly."


AKA “Vixen”

Despite the heritage of Dunmer having a stern-expression or 'resting-bitch face', Aysel is empathically attuned to expressing kindness and a welcoming warmth to those she is close with.
B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N
▪ Age: 25
▪ Born: 3rd of the Evening Star
▪ Species: Dunmer
▪ Gender: Female
▪ Occupation: Healer and Pack 'Wolf Pup'
▪ Affiliations: Severed Chains Syndicate
▪ Animal Companions: Fennec Foxes/Dire Wolves
▪ Apparent Age: Early Twenties
▪ Hair: Pale Ivory White
▪ Eyes: Sterling Silver
▪ Skin: Pale Gray
▪ Build: Lean Form/Small Build
▪ Height: 5'5"
▪ Weight: 128lbs


Aysel holds herself with respect and a quiet humbleness. Her form is shorter than most of the Dunmer, with a semi-lean build. With shapely breasts and an ample form packed into a smaller frame, she is the perfect size for compact and close affectionate snuggles. The ivory silver-white locks on her head are long, reaching past her shoulders as they cascade flatly. The feeling of her pale gray skin is smooth and soft, a sign that she is a magic user with the lack of calloused and rough skin. Aysel's eyes are an odd piercing silver, sometimes a shimmering light in them that hints of the Wolf she is underneath the Dunmer skin. Often she wears a silver look alike brushed moon stone on her forehead, with a pair of circular earrings. Sometimes a flower will be placed behind her ear, marked with a tiny-wooden carved antler hanging from one of her ear lobes. Adorned on her right wrist is a snug bracelet that is always seen on her - Aysel never removes the bracelet. It is adorned with outlandish unrecognizable runes. This second set of adornments is her personal representation and worship towards Hircine. Unless she is out in public covering her scent, Aysel smells strongly of Wolf with a mixture of the forest, and the sweet warm smells of spices from warm drinks within her home. She has two scars on her body, in exact same size and shape. One is graced on her left hip while the other is on her right hip. With an eye closely of inspection someone may be able to tell that they are exactly matched werewolf bites.

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Rexandrion - Best Friend, Pack Mate
Viktor - Stubborn Nord Friend

Revandil - Former Mate
Royo Wolf-Born - Former Alpha (Death), Best Friend, Teacher


Aysel's personality can be described as closely linked to the feeling a warm fire, a gathering on soft blankets and pillows around a roaring fire place with good friends, food and drink. She is very sweet to those who she trusts the most, and even kind-hearted to those she does not know well. As a Dunmer she is laid back, and tends to listen to other conversations going around her. She's not a fan of being in the spotlight, and much prefers quietly enjoying the company around her. For a fond friend, it's not uncommon for her to show affection in hugs, shoulder bumps, or small playful jabs to the side. She'll often go out of her way to give gifts to those close to her, or at least dedicate a large amount of her time to being with them.

With a good-natured heart and a tender touch for healing, also comes a stern responsibility from her to take care of others around her. Aysel does not often come to anger quickly but when she does it comes with a heated temper. Otherwise she is simply curious of the lives around her while being fiercely loyal to the ones she loves the most.

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E Q U I P M E N T _ & _ A B I L I T I E S

Aysel switches from wearing simple and comfortable clothing to being clad in leather armor mixed with certain metal aspects - all dependent on the situation that she is in. She is seen carrying around her staff almost always, as it has a custom-made latch on most anything she wears to carry it with her. She has two battle ready sets of armor, the first being her official apprentice armor that Royo Wolf-Born made her. The second set of armor is her favorite, being another set that she made together with Royo. Aysel first and foremost is a healer, though she's had years of learning how to navigate storm-magic. She's often refereed as a combat medic of sorts on the battlefield, as she can heal and protect others while providing assisting magic with stunning electricity, or a spell that projects purple hardened shards from the ground to stop someone in their path. Not being as offensive as most she prefers being a defensive support to the ones she is working with.

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Growing up with a Telvanni family in Vvardenfell, Aysel was harshly tutored in magic and healing alongside with her sister - Amaris. Neither of the sisters were fond of the family, nor were they happy with the morals they held or the lack thereof. While Aysel and Amaris were closely knitted in a bond together, their biological family relations were far from being anything genuinely cordial. Aysel refuses to speak about her family and gives little to no details about her sister in her current life, but what is known gives proper reason for her little explanation. Her sister was killed within her own family - her parents hands were drenched in the Dunmer blood. Unable to save her sister on the brink of death, after she passed her last breath Aysel fled. Taking anything she could get - she found herself in Skyrim. The cold was an adjustment, but it was much better than the ash-laden air from Vvardenfell. Taking on her sisters name as her own last name, she ventured and eventually made her home settled down in The Rift, near Riften. After years of scrapping by and living on her own, she joined a group of mercenaries for hire under the name 'Wolf-Born'. Royo Wolf-Born was their leader, and she soon found a family within the safety of them. On the outside, they were normal working mercenaries. On the underneath, Wolf-Born was a high functioning Werewolf pack. Being with them was when she truly started to live her life, residing with them for a number of years. After Royo's passing, Aysel branched out and made her way to the next chapter of her life.

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w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n

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