Good evening! This Guild is for all PSN Roleplayers to come! Honestly ever since I got back into rping recently, I figured ESO would be perfect but I couldn't really find one that suited so I thought why not give it a shot. SO this is

Still working out the kinks of things like how i'll keep things active and how to properly format things on her but we all learn as we go. Here's just some background and rules about us.
We are a tiny tiny group for ps4 as an ESO rp guild! Feel free to invite others looking for a guild like ours! We aren't too focused on trading but if interested I can try and invest in a guild trader. Try not to abuse the bank, if items are placed in it it should be for anyone (ex. extra motifs, consumables, crafting materials, etc) For in game rp it'll be a little like D&D, just play as your character and if need to speak ooc you could either type in chat or feel free to break IC for a bit, but not too long.

All members 1 chat will be used for ooc
All members 2 chat will be used for IC

and some basic rules

1. Be courteous of your surroundings. aka don't be a dick and keep things sfw. We are heckin tiny guys and as new/more people join we don't want to offend anyone. 2. Try not to shitpost. don't spam chat with memes or any other kind of crazy things, we have a separate tab for that reason. You will receive a warning for that.
3. Try not to give out irl info (?). Of course maybe giving your name and age may be alright, but please nothing more. It's a safety caution and just basic common sense

Hopefully you'll consider joining! This is our discord btw for those looking into it if you also want to get to know others more outside of eso or just actually rp in discord which that's cool too.