Full name: Terrellius "Terrell" Accipitus Valeio
Race: Imperial
Gender: Male
Age: Around 30
Occupation: Sell-sword
Orientation: Predominantly heterosexual, but open to experimentation

Background Information

Born as the eldest son of a noble family in Leyawiin, Cyrodiil, Terrell was brought up in a life of privilege. Displaying a propensity for powerful psychism as a boy, he was discouraged from using his gifts by his father, but encouraged by his mother with whom he shared a close bond. Throughout his teenage years, he was visited and claimed by Vaermina who sought to recruit him and use his psychic inclinations for her own purposes.


After a series of tragic events which included the murder of his mother and the suicide of his childhood love, Terrell descended into a state of madness and attempted to kill himself - however, Vaermina's emissary, a Dunmer vampire named Orvel, intervened on her behalf - thus turning Terrell into a vampire in order to save his life and inducting him into Vaermina's Supernal Dreamers.


After serving as an assassin and priest of Vaermina within the Supernal Dreamers, Terrell inadvertently learned that it was Vaermina who orchestrated the murder of both his mother and childhood love in order to manipulate him into aligning with her. Subsequently, he murdered Orvel and the clan of Dreamers, denounced Vaermina and vanished.


Today, Terrell wanders the land as a sell-sword for the highest bidder with a desire to ultimately join or establish his own coven.

Inclinations and Desires

Terrell is a dark and brooding personality with a penchant for dominating others, psychological eroticism and bloodplay. He is primarily attracted to females, but has been known to pursue attractive, strong males willing to submit to him. More than that, he is ultimately seeking a partner for long-term interaction.


Looking For...

What I am looking for, for Terrell, is primarily any type of RP, but for ERP, Terrell would be best suited to power-plays, BDSM and domination storylines, corruption and psychic or psychological eroticism. Long-term interactions are ideal, but any type of short-term or once-off RP/ERP can be accommodated.

Feel free to message me here on Enjin, on Discord (Iphin) or message/friend me in-game @Iphin.