Name: Adavos Veloth
Age: 89
Gender: Male
Race: Dunmer
Guild: Court of Crimson Dawn
Occupation: Sorcerer
Homeland: Morrowind
Religion: Tribunal Almsivi, Ashlander Daedra Worship, House of Troubles, Sixth House - House Dagoth
Old Affiliation: Telvanni/Shrine of Veloth.
Height: 6"0
Weight: Fit
Complexion: Dark
Eye Colour: Crimson
Hair Colour: Black
Description: A Sorcerer that has been actively pursuing Necromancy. Currently on the road gaining insight in to the powers found therein, practicing on occasion.

Character Personality:
Wild - Often a jovial appearance on Adavos whom is quick to laugh, stare, and travel. Does in fact become solitary in nature at times and will vanish.
Integrity - Adavos Veloth with a sense of status and unity of purpose. Will use with others in friendship with a certain amount of affability. Reserved most often for family and the sense of kinship.
Ambition - Often used in conversation. Adavos reflects on life and searches for the epitome of Dunmeri Society and claims.
Cold - A usual characteristic for Adavos. This has been useful during his soldiering with the Ebonheart Pact. Used on spies, enemy soldiers, test subjects, etc; Adavos Veloth usually chooses the expedient decision of gaining intel and then killing the information bearer.
Character History:
A waif dropped off to the Shrine of Saint Veloth. A slow life of research on Dunmeri customs, the Almsivi Doctrine, ashlander Daedric Princes, and warnings against the House of Troubles followed. Raised through the shrines workers a slow dull childhood for Adavos had an abrupt end when the youth began to show signs of advanced understanding in Daedric writings and Summoning soon followed. Thereafter the Dark magic prevalent to Sorcerers manifested. Adavos abruptly left the shrine and began a search for the epitome of Dunmeri life. Daedric shrines to house in, corrupting outlander n'wah, reviewing the Houses of Morrowind, etc.
After a gracious amount of time, drink, and livery Adavos found himself hiding with a false identity; Desanc. Adavos under his new guise began to live in House Telvanni for a time and gain knowledge in to Sorcery. He traversed the island of VVardenfell, drank tea with the rest of the Telvanni. There Adavos came across a black soul gem. The gem instantly ensorcelled Adavos. And so the Veloth began to prepare for a longer journey across Tamriel using the stage as an Ebonheart Pact soldier for the of the Dark Practice, Necromancy.
Adavos had begun to interpret a Dream Vision of his:
The Ancestral worship and Almsivi begin to decay. As if falling from great heights into a pool of water, the House of Troubles looms at feet, and above the Ashlander Daedric Princes stand........