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Neutral Khajiit [PC-NA] Krade

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Daggerfall Covenant
Ebonheart Pact
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“Krade is very generous. He is giving... always. It’s almost too much for him, but it makes this one so very happy. He gives coin, his time, and stories- so many stories. Both to hear and to tell. See? This one has given you life, what a gift! Please do not get up.”
- Krade


Prison- For four years the name Frostbite or Bloodpaw had faded from the minds of many after news broke out about the Khajiit’s capture at the hand of Imperial forces. He was sentenced to be executed to set an example to other criminals.

That is, until a group of professionals distracted his escort and freed him. Indebted to them, Krade offered his services... and was accepted into the Iliac Bay Chapter of the Thieves Guild. Penniless, Krade must now do any job he can get his paws on to carve out an existence in this world while he tries to figure out what has changed while he's been locked up...

AKA “Frostbite”, AKA “Bloodpaw”

B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Age: 37
▪ Born: Unknown, 2E 545
▪ Species: Khajiit (Cathay)
▪ Gender: Male
▪ Occupation: Mercenary,
Thief- Claw-cutter
▪ Alignment: Chaotic Good
▪ Constellation: The Steed
▪ Apparent Age: Thirties
▪ Hair: White
▪ Eyes: Gold
▪ Fur: White with grey spots
▪ Build: Athletic
▪ Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
▪ Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)


Krade is an adaptable, albeit crude fighter. It is reported by his allies and associates that he fights tooth and nail, using any and all tricks in his arsenal to win- no matter the cost. He has no honor in a fight.

Current Focus: 2h / Bow or DW / Bow

Combat Strengths:
- Loose Cannon: Krade is unpredictable in his movements, his tactics, and his approach toward combat.
- Quiet as a Mouse: Like much of his kin, Krade is stealthy and silent. “You cannot kill what you cannot see” is a mantra he lives by.
- I Will Survive!: Krade is not beholden to any concept of honor and will use any and all tricks at his disposal to survive any combative encounter he finds himself in.

Combat Weaknesses:
- Much to Learn, You Still Have: Krade is not classically trained by any organization, military, or guild in the art of war and fighting techniques. Combine this inexperience with his high survival instinct, Krade is not useful in large scale coordinated combat efforts. He much more adept at street / guerrilla fighting.
- Muggle!: Not having a large talent or inclination toward magicka has really limited Krade from a combat perspective.
- Thin Skin: Krade dislikes wearing heavy armor for the sake of noise and mobility. If he cannot dodge or avoid an attack, it’s going to hurt.


Krade is an amiable, patient, and quiet Khajiit. Some might even describe him as a gentleman. He is quick to chuckle, jest, and enjoy life, but his fury and ruthlessness are just as easily encountered once his patience has run its course. Despite that dichotomy, Krade is less impulsive than most of his kin. He is calculating but capable of swift action.

Krade views himself as the most generous Khajiit in Tamriel. That is predicated upon how he views most interactions with others and can often lead to some interesting points of view regarding encounters with him.

Character Strengths:
+ Quick witted
+ Adaptable
+ Thorough
+ Self reliant
+ Patient

Character Weaknesses:
- Secretive
- Unfair
- Opportunistic
- Cleithrophobic
- Greedy

- Two Sides of the Same Coin: There are very few that know Krade leads both a selfish and unselfish life, though this duality is hardly surprising of a Khajiit. Some of the wealth he surreptitiously acquires he hoards, but coin he pickpockets from the Iliac Bay area and the Aldmeri Dominion go to the poor and the rebel cause of the Scruffnecks, respectively.

- Gild the Lily: Krade uses and encourages the outlandish stories ((usually started or reinforced by Kaladin, see below, Rumors)) about his exploits to hide heists and things that he has actually achieved, making it difficult to sort fact from fiction. This tactic is useful when folks attempt to charge him with crimes to local authorities.

- Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: Krade holds secrets very well. If someone requests he keep something confidential, so long as he agrees to it, he will do so. It is unknown if this is because he values secrecy or if his memory is not so good.

- More Than One Way to Skin a Khajiit: Krade has never killed a man or mer (or “Beastfolk”). It’s a record he takes pride in and is one of the main reasons Krade sees himself as generous. He has of course, become quite adept at beating someone within an inch of their life, however. He finds accomplishing the later is equivalent to the former in achieving the same result- besides, he gets bored with prey that are beaten. This quirk does not apply to undead, daedra, or simple beasts.

- Scot Free: Krade places a high importance on freedom- and freedom is most easily enjoyed when one is wealthy. Nothing, not even skooma or moon sugar, is more intoxicating and addictive to Krade than earning, stealing, or obtaining wealth on one’s own. These three factors are the primary driving motives of his existence. Krade would even suggest being addicted to such substances is a cage of its own. Being imprisoned has made returning to shackles a subconscious fear of his (cleithrophobic).

- Curiosity Killed the Khajiit: Krade has a fascination with Dwemer technology and artifacts. He collects them, and tries to tinker with them. This can result in… unpredictable consequences.

- Silver Tongue: Krade enjoys alliterations and puns. He employs both in his everyday speech and anyone capable of utilizing either of these in their syntax will usually impress him.


The Torchbug Crew
Krade is loyal to his mercenary crew, his ship, the Torchbug, and his contracts. Those that fight alongside him or take a job with him are some of his most trusted comrades.

The Scruffnecks
Krade is the leader of this Khajiit only freedom fighter group. They arrange hit and run attacks on wealthy naer-do-wells of the Aldmeri Dominion and use what they pilfer to fund their objective- to distance relations between the Khajiit and their Elven oppressors.

The Thieves Guild
It never hurts to network, especially among thieves. Krade has joined the Iliac Bay Chapter of the Thieves Guild and sworn their oath.

Daggerfall Covenant
The Covenant has recently paid handsomely to retain Krade’s scouting and mercenary services in their bid for power in the war. He takes their coin and fights, but has not killed a single soldier (See Quirks).

Mages Guild
Krade is not a member, but will surreptitiously acquire artifacts contractually from collectors (or other Thieves, see above) and sell them to the Mages guild.


Aldmeri Dominion
Krade is grateful to Queen Ayrenn for her helping the Khajiit people, but the war has gone on long enough and Krade suspects the Elves for using his people to exert Elven authority on Tamriel. His suspected involvement in the Scruffneck "terrorist organization" makes him wanted throughout the Dominion. When he is in their territory, he needs to be cautious about his apparel and showing his face.

House Telvanni
Krade has lifted several artifacts of value from the House, who had posted a wanted bounty on his head. They ended the bounty when Krade went to prison and it became obvious to the House that he would unlikely get out alive once they heard the Imperials scheduled his execution. A House agent was sent to Bravil to witness the execution. When it was cancelled without reason, word was sent back to the House and the bounty reinstated.


((OOC NOTE:)) Please note these are rumors- stories (usually) generated by allies, friends, and/or enemies of my character. Some are accurate, some have been embellished, and/or it is possible some are partial or full fabrications! All characters are free to have knowledge of some or all of these rumors prior to introductions. My hope is that you do not infer this character is “godmodded” due to these. I have simply chosen not to release the actual story motivating these rumors - yet. If you wish to read what actually happened (perhaps you’re interested in having your character present in the town/ locale of where the rumor initiated), I am happy to release what actually happened for your reference!

The Tale of Bloodpaw: Rumors of his thieving with the Altmer elven court made him infamous in the Aldmeri Dominion and also earned him the name Bloodpaw, as he was supposedly spotted jumping out of a third floor castle window and witnesses saw King Hidellith peering out of the castle window with claw marks across his face. The witnesses noted Krade’s paw was bloodly and stories ran rampant that the thief had attacked the King after being caught sneaking into Kinlady Tuinden’s chambers. This is one of the more famous stories about Krade.

Frostbite’s Fury: A rumor in the Rift floats around of a Khajiit that commanded the snows and lured a contingent of Riften guards up Forelhost after a heist of Lake Honrich Holdings had gone south. All of the guards eventually returned to Riften- some came down from the peak with various degrees of frostbite, while others actually awoke near a fire at the base of Forelhost, warming up after passing out from the cold. Rethan’s Holdings bank was picked clean of gold and jewels during their absence by a masked Elf pirate. The authorities are still looking for both parties- the Khajiit nicknamed Frostbite and his Elf associate. Locals suspect that this act of theft was sanctioned by the Aldmeri Dominion due to the parties involved.

The Bastards of Bloodpaw: Another rumor that floats around is Bloodpaw is responsible for “gifting” many children to Khajiit females. Apparently he is particularly charming and rumors of his exploits often aid him in these conquests. These children are referred to as the Bastards of Bloodpaw. Some of the Bastards have begun to mark their paws with a red dye to symbolize their status. ((If you would like your Khajiit to be one such or even a mother of a Bloodpaw Bastard, please PST or message me- would love to collaborate! While I refuse to Rp scenes of intimacy (see below, OOC), interconnected stories make for better RP in my opinion, and this is one way to do that.))


((OOC NOTE:)) When I say RP hooks, I mean these are instances that if your character qualifies, you are free to ICly have knowledge of my character’s name and anything on this biography you think is relevant/appropriate to the hook. If you would like a more in depth history between our characters, I LOVE collaborating, and I find characters that have a past with one another are far more fun to play. Please message me @TheKrade if this is the case.

- Cell Mates:: Individuals imprisoned by the Imperial dungeons of Cyrodiil might know and recognize him and/or understand his cleithrophobia.

- Thick as Thieves:: Anyone who was a guild member of the Thieves Guild might know and recognize him, some would likely know of a few of his quirks.

- Work your Magic: Mages that work with the Mage Guild might have heard of his reputation for lockpicking and acquiring magical artifacts, or might have dealt with him directly.

- Aldmeri “Mer”mory: Older Aldmeri nobility that were around during the time of Queen Arenn’s parents might have heard the tale of how a Khajiit named ‘Bloodpaw’ attacked the King and fled out a stained glass window on the 3rd floor (See above, the Tale of Bloodpaw).


You made it! Either that or you scrolled down to the bottom. Either way, thank you for taking a look at my character. Below are the following OOC notes I'd like to place for ease of communication:
Spoiler: NotesShow

w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n


Krade- Khajiit Thief / Mercenary

Varesh- Redguard Gypsy / Pirate

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Daggerfall Covenant
Ebonheart Pact
Hew's Bane
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Krade- Khajiit Thief / Mercenary

Varesh- Redguard Gypsy / Pirate

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