Character Name: Sah'beth
Race: Khajiit (Suthay-raht)
Gender: Male
Profession: Sorcerer
Birthday: Tirdas, 30 Rain's Hand 2E 564 (On the last minute before 1 Second Seed)
Constellation: The Mage (Or perhaps even The Shadow)
Hobbies: Reading Spell Books, fishing, stargazing and exploring.

Apparent age: Young Adult
Hair: His hair almost matches the color of his fur, being only slightly lighter in its sandy shade. Usually, he'll wear a tight, high ponytail instead of having his hair loose. Otherwise, and very rarely, would one ever see Sah'beth with his hair down. Though, if that were to happen, that person would see thick hair sweeping over his left eye, reaching for his jawline.
Fur: Sah'beths' fur mimics the pigment of sand near the beach on a beautiful day. Black spots, similar to a cheetahs' cover his entire body, (except his chest and stomach, which traded the black spots for an innocent, soft white). This same soft white outlines different aspects of his body, such as his eyes, chin and below his nose. Black, on the other hand, outlines his ears and lips. The texture of his fur could remind someone of silk, yet that is far from the truth. Yes, his fur is sleek, smooth and knots are an enigma to his fur, but cleanliness and grooming are an afterthought to Sah'beth.


Appearance details: Sah'beths' jade-encrusted eyes project strength, kindness, and within a contradictory light, radiate with a coldness akin to venom originating from a deadly snake. On the top of both ears, sandy fur extends upward to create ear tufts, much like a lynx's. The fur has grown a darker hue than even his fur, perhaps simulating sand on the shore during a full moon night. He wears both a silver earring and nose ring on the left side of his face, connecting the two pieces of jewelry with a lightweight, thin metal chain. His armor stems from multiple different cultures, appearing to have been tailored and sewn numerous times. Leathers, metal, and simple cloth merge together into a full set of usable armor for the Khajiit. The intricate hood he dons has slits for his ears and ponytail; one will almost always see the Khajiit with his silken hood cloaking his head. It is rare to see otherwise. Sah'beth carries two staffs made from simple wood with modest decorations and patterns. The one with the most elaborate craftsmanship is the staff he uses for Storm Calling and Destruction Magics. While the other, plain and uninvolved, he utilizes for Restoration Magics and barriers. Additionally, he wields a dagger jagged with a woeful past, though redemption was a swift victory for the rigid knife in Sah'beths' claws.


Personality: Sah'beth is quiet, calculated, resourceful, compassionate, honorable, trustworthy, cunning and sanguine, but also tactless, blunt, serious, indifferent and gelid.
Religious beliefs/philosophy: The Khajiit believes in the Two Moons, Jone and Jode, as what is normal in Khajiiti culture.

Childhood: In his opinion, Sah'beth had the best childhood one could ever have. Growing up, he played on the fields, helped out on the farms, fished with his father, cooked with his mother, read spell books with his aunt and was a generally happy child. A normal child. However, Sah'beth only considers his childhood to consist of his first ten years of his life. This is because when both his parents left for the army, and his aunt shortly after died due to a skooma overdose, Sah'beth had to grow up quickly. It became necessary to hone the skills that would protect and sustain him in a world that was grander, more lethal, less forgiving and harsher than he originally thought he was brought into.


Recent history: Sah'beth sometimes takes contracts from the Thieves Guild or acts as a mercenary to steal certain objects for various reasons and for a plethora of peoples. He currently lives in Khenarthi's Roost on the Laughing Moons Plantation, where he was raised. The Khajiit intends to fully master the Restoration arts and to gain a stronger grip on Dark Magic. In the long run, he wishes to learn all he possibly can about the fields of magic that interest him.
Notable relationships: None, currently.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Sah'beth is a gifted mage, proficient in Storm Calling and Destruction magic. He is also a skilled thief, bending the shadows to hide his being as if it were natural for him to do so.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: The Khajiit, however, is incredibly socially awkward, cannot attack with any type of sword nor use a bow to save his own life and spiders force him to loose any and all self control, thus resorting to sheer panic.


Favored alcoholic beverage: "This one doesn't drink. Never has, never will."
Favored food: "Food. But, he does love fish. And apples."
Favored weather or season: "This one loves the rain, especially when it is lightly drizzling. Now that, is the purest form of serenity, yes?"
Favored color: "Green. Jade. Emerald. Anything green catches Sah'beth's eyes."

How does your character react when...
You find a powerful weapon: "Sah'beth doesn't need this."
You find a coin purse: Quickly swipes it.
You find food: Overlooks it, "This one already has food. And some gold if he ever needs to restock."
You find a trap: "How would Khajiit disable this... or could there be a way around it, no?"
You find a corpse: Walks away after looting it.
You find a suspicious scroll: Opens it with the butt of his staff, from a distance.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character?: No ERP.