Gender and RaceFemale Breton
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorRaven

Facial AppearanceYoung, Soft toned. No marks or scars on her face. Makeup around her eyes and red stained lips
Physical AppearanceSlim form. No signs that she is a fighter. She is 5'4" in height, weighing nearly 115 lbs.
AttireNearly always in purple. She dresses in elegance at most, but the material of the makes are cheap and look self made by either her or her mother. She has a bag at her side always.
SkillsMedical Training without use of Magicka, Restoration Magicka, Herbs, gardening, Alchemy, and reading in most languages of the current races of Tamriel. This woman is a scholar and a healer.

In her bagsAnything for first aid is always in her bags. A book of herbs and a notebook of how to help medical situations.
GoalTo open up her own Clinic and Apothecary that she will live in herself.
StrengthsMending with and without magicka, herbs, and Alchemy.
WeaknessFighting in any way is a weakness. She doesn't care to take life but to save it. No matter what they have done.


Sarah Cromwell is the daughter of a breton woman known in Eastmarch by the poor for skill and knowledge of mending wounds and treating illnesses, Flora Cromwell. Sarah's father, Anaxes Windshot was a warrior for the Blue banners, Daggerfall. The differences in the last names tells a story in themselves.

Her mother and father were on other sides of a war. A war that kept them from marriage but not from having a little girl. Anaxes did not know of Sarah when he went back to war and fell to a blade from a Nord man. This left Sarah without a father but not that she knew what it would have been with him alive.

Sarah learned young that this war is not something she wishes to assist in. There are other people in the world that need help. She has learned herbs, their uses, how to make potions with mixing some. She has learned how to clean and close a wound. Sarah has been helping people alongside her mother all her life.

Sarah also found a talent in Magicka. This talent was noticed by a man her mother once treated for burns from a backfired spell of a student of his own. He offered her a place at the College of Winderhold where Sarah went to with glee. She was there for six years until they decided if she wishes to learn more, she must see the world. Use what she has learned, master it without a teacher beside her to fix the mess. Sarah returned to her mother, telling her of the wishes of the Collage. Her mother gifted her a horse and a wagon with supplies she may need to start. Sarah is now traveling, experiencing, and enjoying the hardships she faces.

Sarah has slept in places she never would have without being forced out. Finally, she came across an Altmer woman, hunting a lot of meat. Sarah assumed it was for an army but the woman pointed the arrow right at Sarah, demanding why she was there. Threatening her even. This blonde mer seems out of sorts. Another first for Sarah. Sarah gained the trust of the mer woman enough to bring her back to The Mer's home. The Mer woman took her to wolves, a lot of them They growled at her, sniffed her clothing and bag. Then walked away. The mer woman points to a bed near the wolves. "You sleep there. You sleep there, you will work. There is a hall down the road, see if they need help. You do not find work soon, you will be leaving. One week, girl." This mer woman is cold, harsh and had little care. Sarah agreed and sat in the bed. At least there was a bed and not just hay.