Full Name: Izara Omaran

Also Known As: Izzy

Race/Species: Dunmer

Gender: Female

Age: 28


Birthplace: Balmora, Vvardenfell

Current Residence: Alinor, Summerset Isles

Current Occupation: Proprietor of Omaran Trading Company

Heritage: Dunmer

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Languages Spoken: Common

Religious Beliefs: Open to interpretation

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Gifted in the arts, acting, music, and dancing.

Notable Strengths: Kind, generous, outgoing

Notable Weaknesses: self-doubting, lazy, childish

Physical Appearance: Her appearance is exotic, with silken snow white hair and cerulean blue eyes. Her shape is curvaceous and well kept. She has vine tattoos along her torso and limbs.

Usual Attire: She favors light linen clothing, usually in a coral or aquamarine. She is always decorated in jewelry, make-up, and sweet scented perfume.

Inventory: a purse with coin, a small bottle of perfume oil, and a tin of colored lip balm.

Personality Details: She is lighthearted and naive in many ways.

Backstory: Izara was born in Balmora to two wealthy Hlaalu traders. As a toddler she was aboard a ship headed to Greenshade for trade, when their ship was attacked by maomer forces. Izara’s mother was lost in the battle and Izara and her father was held captive until Aldmeri forces stepped in, taking them to Summerset for trial as Dunmeri slavers. While her father was incarcerated, she was handed off to an Altmer artist in Shimmerene who offered to care for Izara until her father could be released.

Weeks grew into months, and months into years and Izara took to her new caregiver. She became accustomed to the life in Summerset, even with the dirty looks and nebarra title, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman with a sense for adventure and a love of the arts.

Her caregiver passed when she was sixteen, lost with out her, she was left to fend for herself. After tending in taverns and singing/dancing for coin, she found a new home with the acting troupe, House of Reveries.

Within the troupe, she discovered her love of acting, and a High elven mer who became her first love and broken heart. After a rough break up, she left the reveries to explore other avenues. She moved to Alinor and took up a room in a popular tavern where she tended bar, tables, and sang and danced for patrons.

It was a simple life that left her wondering what more was out there. That was when she met Azarath Vendras, a traveling wizard, who sold alchemy and rare jewels. The two became quick friends and lovers. It was only a few days into their relationship when he offered to take her over seas to her homeland of Morrowind. Her sense of adventure got the better of her, she could not resist. She got them free board upon one of the upstanding merchant ships.

The sea was turbulent and she was uncomfortable and ill for a week as they crossed the seas to Morrowind. Upon arriving in Davon’s Watch, the landscape was nothing like she had ever seen and nothing like she imagined.

After a few weeks of adjustment to the weather and atmosphere, she slowly became accustomed to the new culture that was alien to her. It was then she decided that she should seek out her long lost family.

She looked them up registry and found they once lived in Balmora and one member, her grandmother was still alive. She traveled to Vvardenfell and found her ailing grandmother was still alive and happy to see her. She told her what happened to her parents and that she was the last Omaran. After a tearful reunion with her grandmother and answers to her past, a new relationship with Azarath, she decided she would stay in Vvardenfell while.

It was only a few days after she had met her, that her grandmother passed. It was then that she found she was gifted the family inheritance and name. With more wealth that she knew what to do with, she wanted to honor her family and opened a trade company with Azarath called Omaran Trading Company.

Close Friends: Azarath Vendras, Orim Graves, Aramea Omani.

Worst Enemies: None to name

Known Family:
Tarvyn Omaran (Dunmer, father, deceased)
Lerasi Omaran (Dunmer, mother, deceased)
Izarene Omaran (Dunmer, Grandmother, deceased)

Habits: impulsive decision making.

Likes: Natural beauty, wealth, shopping, perfumes, make-up, acting, dancing, Painting on Canvas, playing the lute, traveling to new destinations, the ocean, animals, meditating.

Dislikes: Aloofness, poverty, dirty surroundings, ash storms, foul smells, dunmer cuisine.

Phobias and Mental Illnesses: traveling by sea.

Physical Disabilities: None

Character Alignment: Lawful/Neutral

Theme Song(s): The Five Stairsteps - Ooh Child (Things are Gonna Get Easier)

RP Hooks: Looking for trade contracts or hire into her company. Summerset natives.