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Neutral Altmer [PC-NA] & [PC-EU] Astahil - To hunt with magic

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AGE 59
BORN Summerset Isles, 2E 524
HAIR Short, dark honey
EYES Icy white
SKIN Golden
BUILD Muscular, athletic
HEIGHT 194 cm / 6’4’’
WEIGHT 82 kg / 180 lbs
OCCUPATION Witchhunter
BIRTHSIGN The Atronach


Astahil is definately a sight for herself.
Not only because she is standing tall among her own race, but also because she has a broad frame packed with toned muscles.
Decades of wielding powerful magic have led to some painful hours in a shady place, where she had someone imbue her skin with raw magicka, which is now glowing brightly with tattooed lines along her face and body.
Being quite a rebel and a tomboy during her youth and choosing clothes which had her look like a man, she got back in touch with her feminine side over the last few years, which led her to choose her armor and clothes for practical reasons instead. The same reasons, which cause her to still prefer to cut her hair short.
Depending on her contract and/or target, she decides between leather and heavy armor to protect herself and is rarely to be seen wearing cloth, let alone dresses – which, if at all, are worn during relaxing hours at taverns.


House Larenor - Family

Faenil - Father

Arivae - Mother

Estar - Oldest brother

Rulntar – Second oldest brother

Curanya - Older sister

Eranil - Older Brother

Celenath - Childhood friend


Being a vigilant follower of Auri-El and being taken by the doctrines of Stendarr, Astahil is one of those who do whatever is necessary to achieve a certain goal. Being self-reliant and mostly independant, she doesn't fear hindrances and is not afraid of less-treaded paths to victory - as in 'murdering a murderer before he can actually murder someone, is an act of heroism, now isn't it?"
Rebellious in her ways, some would call her methods reckless, while she herself sees them as practical tools to ensure a successful job.
Due to the nature of her 'business', she is rather kept back, reluctant in meeting people - at least on a more personal basis.
During shallow chit-chat she might seem open-minded and outgoing, when she actually stays suspicious of the people around herself.If ever caught off guard, insulted or struck emotionally, she tends to react quite hot tempered.
Even though her behaviour might seem rude most of the time, there are slight hints in behaviour and speech which can lead to the conclusion that this altmer enjoyed serveral lessons in etiquette.


The most obvious hint regarding Astahil's abilities are her weapons. Wielding a magicka imbued staff, which serves a focus for destructive spells, she obviously tends to prefer the more offensive style of fighting. However, she also carries a sword and a main gauche, in order to enter close combat. Using wits and tactics, she tries to outsmart her enemies with magicka and delicate planning, rather than blindly storming into close quarter combat to find herself surrounded.
Her alertness also makes for her weakest spot - who knows why, but Astahil is easily distracted by being trashtalked. Once this happens, she easily loses her temper, leading to quite the rampage.
Still, there is one thing which easily tends to be her biggest weakness - Chocolate, honey and anything sweet.


Born as the fifth and youngest child to altmeri House of LarenorAstahil was raised pretty free from burdens like inheritance. Instead, her parents focused on trimming her to be a nice little wife, training her in poetry, music, stitching and conversation.
But even as a child, resistance was strong with the girl, and after a few years of effortless tries, her parents reluctantly agreed with her plans, allowing her to refine her potent magicka, strengthen her body and study encyclopediae of dremora, witches and all kinds of beasts and monsters.
Her father even paid for a teacher, as long as she promised to keep her nuisance to herself. Following that bidding, Astahil left the family home at the age of twenty one, wandering off into the world, searching for wisdom, the wish to refine herself and with an everburning desire to fight evil, and the monsters all those childhood stories were about.

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