B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

AGE 23 | BORN Sentinel! | SPECIES Redguard | GENDER Male | SEXUALITY Homosexual
APPARENT AGE Twenties | HAIR Short black | EYES Dark brown | SKIN Dark
OCCUPATION Unemployed and proud! | AFFILIATIONS None

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Owyn is both foolish enough to think heading out into the world alone with little more than a dream and a few spells is a good idea, but he's also wise enough to know the value of experiencing things. At the end of the day, he's really just a curious sort of person, always interested in getting his hands or eyes on something they've never had before. He's in no rush as at all, really, but he does have an impatient streak in him that comes with being young and eager. He's not a shy person either. If he has something to say or ask, he will say or ask it. Gets him in trouble sometimes. He's slow to anger but quick to forgive, and hard to fool but easy to persuade. Owyn is a generally upbeat, happy-go-lucky person, but he does have his ups and downs, and he does have days where all he wants to do is find somewhere quiet to just think.

In some ways he's a hopeless romantic, predisposed to think of life in terms of grand adventures and meaningful events. He does well in romantic relationships and platonic relationships both because he's attuned to other people's feelings, generally, and is open about his own. He's not looking to get married just yet -not when there is so much world to see- but dates and flirty encounters with the locals only add to his enjoyment of the road. If he found the right man, and in the right place, he'd he open to settling down roots. Even better if he found someone to travel with, be that as a tour guide or a fellow explorer.

A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T

He doesn't have much, does this Redguard. Owyn didn't have much to his name even before he left home, but now all he has is his staff and a few changes of clothes. All the coin he has is from odd jobs and favors done for the people he encountered on the road.

Owyn is also a student of magic, particularly of frost magic. He's no novice, but he does struggle some due to having no formal training and no real expectations for how things are supposed to work. He can protect himself from the average wolf and scare off the average bandit with his ice magics, but he's much more comfortable playing a support role in battle. Being a Redguard, he does have experience being trained for combat with weapons, which translates to Owyn as an above-average understanding of how other people might use a weapon against him. /color]


At a young age, Owyn knew there was something about him and the cold. Growing up in the desert and working with his parents at all sorts of different jobs in and around Sentinel didn't give him much opportunity to experience cold, but whenever he did he knew he wanted more. He loved to lay in the wells and oasis, and he loved to watch rain pour down in the distance. All that culminated in him unleashing a cloud of cold mist from his hands one day, when he was playing alone at the age of ten. From then on, he gobbled up any magical tome he could get his parents to buy or borrow, and by the time his family realized that it wasn't just a passing obsession of childhood it was too late to stop him. Owyn was simply not interested in being a warrior, or even staying in Hammerfell at all. There were too few opportunities to hone his abilities.

So as soon as he reached adulthood, Owyn set out across the desert to learn whatever he could. Most Redguards were distrustful of his spells, but the few who saw the use for frost magic in cooling off or even creating drinkable water paid him well. Coin came and went, and eventually he had enough saved up to buy himself a one-way trip out of the desert.

w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ s a m f