AGE 34
BORN 8th of Sun's Dawn
HAIR Long white mane
EYES Golden
SKIN White fur with black pattern
BUILD Somewhat skinny
HEIGHT 170 cm
WEIGHT 70 kg
OCCUPATION Thief and Swords for hire


Khrass'dar always tryies to maintain a good appearence despite all the walks to the underworld and back, buying and selling stolen goods. At first glance you could never say he is a filthy thief. With all his composture and manners, this one could easily fool you into believing he walks among nobility. His bright and well brushed white fur that almost shines and makes one wonder how he manages to merge with the shadows while on duty. But don't be fooled by his apparences, this one has the lightest paws, be it holding a glass of wine or pickpocketing some rich bastard. And not even one scar can be seen in this slipery, evasive cat.


Urshra (Fence NPC) - Friends
Quarith (General Goods NPC) - Acquaintance


This one is a khajiit of good manners, a true charming gentleman. A fast learner and a elusive one. An excellent actor who could convince even the ones who already know him and his tricks and lies to believe in him one more time. But even so, Khrass'dar has his own sense of honor and justice. Steal from the riches and give to his b*tches, he would say.

This khajiit knows there are lots of wealth in the hands of ones while others suffer in misery. He does not intend to save the world like a hero, no. This one just wants to enjoy lifes pleasures. It just happens that ones trade is stealing and if something in this world brings a big smile to that cat's face is seeing the act rich people put on when they lose their sh*t. Yes, that tastes sweet like sweetrolls.


Light paws - Good at stealing stuff, but will hardly resist the chance of taking a souvenir, even when its risky.
Persuasive - A master in the way of the words
Good actor - Need to make a distraction? A big scene to draw the attention of both citizen and guards alike? He is the one for the job.