Back drop
Until Recently, the City of Linchal was abandoned, located just beyond Varens wall at the border of GoldCoast. The once abandoned City now flourishes with a population that grows each day. A community with finite resources offers peace and security under an independent rulership. Open to all those seeking to find a new life for themselves or extend their interests over a community and location yet to be capitalised. Trade, Criminal enterprise, religious establishments, mercenary and other private guilds / groups can all find opportunity to expand in to this city.

Imperial Features:
Initially Brought to life by an Imperial Noble, Meridius Septimus and his Legion. The town found itself governed by an Imperial and thus was a perfect haven to those seeking fallout from the war in Cyrodiil. While open to all and any race / alliance. The town can observe a large Imperial community amongst the population and the locals and Infrastructure of the city still have strong Imperial cultures & behaviours

The setting of the RP taking place in a Neutral town allows for endless possibilities of scenarios and stories. A wide variety of characters with unique and diverse backgrounds allows for a casual and persistent RP with regular events at guild member and guild leadership Level.
An economy structured with a guide for pricing of IC items, trade, business and all other things where gold is at play. Also used to determine a characters wealth which can be a huge factor on a characters influence which is key if a character wishes to progress a relationship with a character of nobility or power for example.
A military presence where characters can rise through thanks or seek employment and positions within governance or seek to rise to power through other means such as subversion / marriage between families.

Any characters can take up any role within the community of the town from simple villager such as fisher, gardener, hunter etc.... to becoming a prominent local / noble. Owning a business / trade. offering a skill or service to the people of the town / having official diplomatic, military / trade business with the City’s military or its officials. Any role is welcome and the community is structured in a way to encourage a self sustaining and self developing community with people of the town influencing and deciding how the community grows.

Currently the Government is headed in such a way that Mutiny from other noble's such a bribing the local Guard / forming a discrete alliance with a senior officer are just a couple of the possible ways a Person(s) may overthrow the current Governor. Things like marriage, nobility, wealth and influence are the general direction characters would be encouraged to invest in, if not to rise to power just to ensure safety and security for ones interests / family.

Characters can work to gain control over and monopolize a valuable commodity, they can forge / force alliances or concessions, and they can introduce their own unique product or skills which no other townsperson can acquire outside. The RP is limited only to what the characters chose to bring as long as it its lore friendly, realistic and believable. This is an open ended story however those wishing for general direction and a goal would be able to focus on the opportunity of taking leadership of the Town and it’s people, ruling as governor or through some over means.

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