Name: Zhirr
Race: Khajiit
Subrace: Cathay
Age: 19

Physical Appearance


Current Story

Zhirr was born to an economically comfortable family in Abah's Landing. His mother was caring and spoiled him often but took care of him a lot by staying at home in his early years. His dad was a hard worker, caring, and also spoiled Zhirr when possible, but was subject to alcoholism putting a strain on the family’s happiness and relations. While Zhirr enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle and his dad, being a dockworker, also conducted work on the side that was ambiguous in its transactions and deals. As a child, Zhirr was naturally curious and rambunctious. He became good friends with the other kids of Abah's Landing regardless of their background and played countless pranks on the busy inhabitants of the port. He also developed a soft spot for animals as he often came across many different ones at the port being shipped and delivered to many places. When he was in his teens, he made small treks outside of Hew’s Bane into the wilderness taking up archery training, using daggers, and he even tried his hand at using a great sword. Needless to didn't go well and he had grown accustomed to taking an agile fighting style. On top of this, he grew fond of running outside of the port where he could escape the masses and have time to his own thoughts. Nearing his late teens, Zhirr had gotten mixed with a few bad influences who he used to call his friends when he was younger and he resorted to committing various crimes, the most common one in his group, theft. It got to the point where Zhirr stole from his family’s own coffers to aid his supposed friends. His friends had gotten greedy and broke into his family’s own house, stealing from them. Zhirr’s father had caught wind of what was going on and was quick to disown his own son. After a night of intense arguing and beating, Zhirr left. He had snuck himself onto a ship, hurt by those who he thought to have been his friends and his own family. Fast forward a good amount of years and Zhirr joined the Order of the Storm, led by an Altmer, Lithiel. She took him under her wing and taught him a lot to the point where Zhirr rose to be a Storm Knight Commander for the order. The Order works in combating Daedra and inter-planar threats. Now, Zhirr has a significant other who is a part of Goldleaf Acquisitions and currently is still the Commander but is very flexible in his duties currently as the Storm Knight Keep in Daggerfall hasn't called him away from his current home, Reaper's March.

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