Eshiaan, Shadow's Votary


“Even with your death, every decision you’ve ever made guides me down a road I never paved. And now when I look back upon that fateful day I sold my soul and plunged my hands inside your chest I feel only regret, because your heart did not buy me safety in your Lands of Ash I’ve come to love, and our time together meant that I would never be welcome on those Blessed Isles my blood still craves. Now all that’s left for me is to be everything that was and everyone that is everywhere I can be, so that my very existence itself becomes a mystery to those I meet, and they will believe I command such liberty in my choices that I can proudly say that I am not a slave.”

General Information

Full Name:Eshiaan (name at birth unknown)
Place of Birth:Alinor, Summerset, Summerset Isles
Place of Residence:Abah's Landing, Khefrem, Hammerfell
Birthday and -sign:10th of Second Seed under the patronage of the Shadow
Age:Young Adult
Occupation:Larcenous Trickster
Loyalties:Thieves Guild, Court of Bedlam (former)

Physical Appearance

Notably short-statured for an Altmer, Eshiaan displays a natural proclivity towards dexterity and grace through which he dissipates almost effortlessly into his surroundings - but not obscurity. With a flair of child-like curiosity he beckons the unwilling to indulge in him, though his unforthcoming nature may very well leave the inquisitive unsatisfied. Contradictive and peculiar, Eshiaan’s bearing is one of inexplicable duality.

Long, flowing locks of umber hair cascade past the Elf’s narrow shoulders, more often than not worn in a low, side-part ponytail or bound together to form a casual chignon, and fragile golden skin clads his delicate form. His eyes are a verdant green interlaced with specs of violet, crescent-shaped and set against high cheekbones and sculpted eyebrows. Understated make-up enhances his features with natural colours, rather than fundamentally altering his appearance.

The lean, supple frame and slender fingers hint at some form of agile lifestyle, resulting in a healthy albeit boyish physique. His wardrobe favours flexible finery accentuating his curves and seems absent of weaponry in any shape or form.

Encircling Eshiaan’s wrists are two substantial scars, ostensibly inflicted upon him through a combination of prolonged physical friction and acute searing. Lengthened sleeves and vambraces obscure these from public sight.


Those that strike out on their own and venture into unspoilt lands rarely voice the river to be their source of concern. It changes course at the onset of conflict with its surroundings, and all who look upon her find a friendly face smiling back at them. Compared to treacherous mountain passes and dark, foreboding forests, a river seems much safer, a welcome refreshment along a road of great peril. Yet those who have learned to gaze beyond the surface know that its depths conceal unspeakable danger and unfathomable secrets.

Eshiaan, too, avoids confrontation by arduously observing a person’s morals and ideals, then adjusting himself to be someone they’d enjoy. Unpredictable yet flexible with surprisingly little regard for his personal dignity, he is like to be a vastly different person to all who meet him, integrated with one another solely through a ludic comportment.

Though the Altmer secretes his true nature, his inherent hurt does surface in times of personal strain. In those moments of weakness Eshiaan forsakes all pretence. Confidence turns into diffidence, and his words are characterized by a contemplative melancholy. Verdant eyes speak of a past veiled in murder and deceit, and a romantic’s longing for a fairer future.

Loyalties and Motives

Eshiaan is a distinguished member of the Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing in the form of his persona ‘Lin’. Despite withholding his real identity, he developed a sense of devotion towards their cause over the past half a decade, no longer viewing the guild as a method of survival and enrichment as he once did. Yet his standing has become somewhat tumultuous as of late. Eshiaan disappeared in the midst of persecution by the Iron Wheel, and did not return until long thereafter. A great deal of trust has been lost between both parties involved since then.

It could very well be argued that it was inevitable for him to feel attached to the Guild, for within the depths of his being Eshiaan desires nothing more than to belong. But Altmer society will never accept him for who he is, and as a non-Dunmer escapee with his Telvanni master’s blood on his hands he cannot hope to find a home in Morrowind. This does little to quell his longing, and he even professes some semblance of conviction regarding its living divinity.

Neither of these feelings proved strong enough to persuade him to side with them, however, and serve as a testament of how his loyalties are not easily defined. As part of his numinous bargain with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, he was to partake in the triple-headed Court of Bedlam and wage war on the other Daedric worshippers in Summerset and beyond. As with every pursuit in his life, Eshiaan acted out of a genuine belief that the world of cruelty and injustice he grew up in can be transformed into something better, despite personal misgivings surrounding betraying the other Princes further down the line. His contract with the rogue Daedric Prince, and his faith in her vision for a fairer Tamriel, remains unquestioned even in defeat.


Alter EgoLocale(s)Comportment
LinKhefrem, ColoviaLudic associate of the Thieves Guild.
SanyonStormhavenChronicling dilettante of Breton courtly love.
AndilAuridonTrifling socialite and self-proclaimed philosopher.
SaeItenerantBlithe yet exorbitant courtesan.