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Player: F3r4an
Full Name: Vamanu Mehri
Sex: Female
Race: Dunmer (Ashlander)
Age: 22
Height: 167 cm

Appearance: Vamanu has slender, somewhat gaunt, features that could be seen as attractive, though her face is sometimes marred by dust and grease from Dwemer ruins and machinery. She has red eyes and hair, not unusual for a Dunmer, usually tied back into a half ponytail for practicality. She's of average height for an Ashlander. She has a build that could be described as athletic.

She usually carries various Dwemer items with her, from tools on her belt to the sprockets she's decided to use as earrings to even the blades she carries. Recently exiled after a brief return home she currently wears her native Ashlander clothing incorporated with a few Dwemer objects.

She has a noticeable Ashlander accent.

She is a Vampire Scion at this point but her Vampirism does not begin to show visually until Stage 2, though if it progresses this far she will normally use illusion magic or concealing clothing to hide it.

Personality: Vamanu's most notable trait is obsessiveness towards her goals and work. At times this can blind her to other things such as as personal needs like eating or sleeping. She has a tendency to use various caffeine containing plants and drinks as a substitute for sleep if she's working on something. An issue with her obsessiveness is that it can lead her to commit acts that may be seen as immoral in service to her goals.

She has also come to value her independence and self sufficiency. As a result she's quite adept at surviving alone without other people away from civilization or other Ashlanders. This is also the reason she seems to have handled her exile fairly well. She values the ability to continue her pursuits over her clan and tribe, which of course many Ashlanders have and would condemn her for.

While she is knowledgeable on magicka in several areas, primarily Shadow Magic and Illusion Magic, she is quite fascinated with technology and that of Dwemer and their ruins in particular to the point she has spent days delving into them at times. Unfortunately her enthusiasm has led to nearly getting herself killed or injured a few times, such as blowing herself out of her shoes one point trying to repair a Dwemer construct with no real idea what she was doing.

She can come off as callous and not understanding or being confused by social cues of others. It isn't that she lacks empathy. She's just much more used to being alone or interacting with people she already knows, but now that she's been exiled and lacks her Master there's a combination of freedom combined with a sense of being lost and need to seek out others who can offer protection and knowledge. Deep down she is in fact lonely and laments that she has never met another Ashlander or anyone except for her teacher who had the same interests as her.

History: "The short of it is I got exiled for delving a little too deeply into the Dwemer and a member of the Tribunal.

My tribe, my clan, my family, just thought I was weird and kind of ignored me when I would disappear to explore in my early teens. There was dangerous things out there, but they figured out rather quickly they couldn't stop me even if they physically tied me down, which by the way my mother actually tried at one point. I could take care of myself anyway.

One day I came to a curious thing in my explorations, Dwemer ruins. After a bit of work on figuring on how to get the door open I entered. Everything was... quite, dead... eerily so. I picked over the dead constructs to find nothing of interest. Not like I could read anything in Dwemer at the time and even now I can only get the most basic meaning or gist of what was being said. However the technology I saw, though nonfunctional, filled me with wonder. What beings could create such strange and magnificent devices I thought.

Someone called out to me in my explorations, apparently having heard my footsteps, demanding to know who was there. I stepped out of the shadows cautiously. It was another Dunmer, not an Ashlander from what I could tell, in armor with a pair of blades raised. He lowered his weapons upon seeing me.

That was the beginning of long relationship. Oh sure I hesitated, but honestly, when I found out why he was there I insisted on him teaching me. His name was Tirer Genim. He was of House Telvanni from what he told me.

I didn't care that there would be objections from other Ashlanders. I needed this. It could change my life. I could rise above other Ashlanders. He was intrigued by my curiosity. He told me that he would only be staying temporarily, but that he would show me what he could as he worked.

I was an eager learner and he once commented that I had the mental appetite of starved guar. I had been sneaking off to meet him to learn more the entire time he was there. He told me about his work studying the Dwemer and that there were ruins beyond Vvardenfell. He told me about the Tribunal, particularly Sotha Sil, and his views on Daedra. He spoke on what the Dwemer believed and what he knew of them.

Eventually Master Genim had to leave after about a month. I insisted on going with him. He told me I had a family. I told him that I could be more if learned from him. He tried to sneak off the night before he had said he was going to leave, but I followed. He was never able to get rid of me so he reluctantly took me on as an apprentice.

I learned everything I know from him, granted, he wasn't a master, though he was my Master, and knew far more on magicka than technology he admitted, but it was a lot to me.

Seven years passed as we traveled across Vvardenfell, researching everything from Dwemer technological wonders, my favorite, to daedric ruins. All were relatively safe at his guidance and cautiousness on where we went, but that's not what got my Master killed."

She gives a rueful laugh, "It wasn't constructs or Daedra or some ancient trap that got him killed. It was simple bandits. They attacked our camp in the night. They grabbed him first. He shouted one thing to alert me from his tent, "Vamanu, run!"

I did, I hate myself for it, but I did. I sometimes wonder if I had been there I could have saved him. I returned to camp that morning to find it ransacked and anything of value taken including my Master's notes and journals and his corpse stabbed to death nearby. I buried him in the forest there. If I ever find those bastards... but I suppose what I really want is his notes and journals back.", she seems to be stifling some tears as she continues.

"After that I went back home and for a few months I stayed, I live with my family and tried to reconnect somewhat after his death. They were overjoyed that I was alive, but over time... well, no one wanted hear about the wondrous things I had seen or what I had to say on technology, the Dwemer, or Sotha Sil.", she gives a rueful chuckle, "It just made them angry and fearful that I had such blasphemous beliefs. I was taken before the Khan and questioned. After that, exile. Simple as that. Now here by this campfire telling you this, traveler."

    Plot Hooks:
  • She is on the look out for her Master's notes and journals and will go to quite a length to retrieve them. If anyone has leads she would pay quite a bit for it.
  • Her knowledge on certain Dwemer topics is somewhat lacking, such as language. If someone could teach her she would be interested in learning. In fact anyone who could improve her knowledge would peak her interest.
  • Word spread quickly among Ashlander tribes about her and they are wary of her for her views. Some things might be exaggerated due to rumor mill.
  • Dwemer technology and civilization is not the only thing she has some knowledge. She's also studied some on the various monsters of Vvardenfell with her Master in their travels, such as Daedra, Undead, Ghosts (including a few disappointing encounters with uncooperative Dwemer spirits), Werewolves, and Vampires. She has some curiosity in researching them more, but is reluctant to discuss these interests publicly for obvious reasons.
  • Has voluntarily become a Vampire Scion, though of course keeps it hidden. A mysterious benefactor is responsible for providing the blood for the initial transformation and unknown to her is actually responsible for the book to complete it and the death of her Master to encourage her into it.
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Link to Tales of a Technological Dunmer, which will be where I'll be posting any stories related to Vamanu.
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