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9064c79d825d0d2eb9dfb24c699844cd.png Knight of the Tangled Drake

My father was a farmer when I was a little girl. My mother was too. But we're Bretons, and our heart isn't one to be stilled so easily. Wanderlust infects the soul, and it infected my father's before me. He sold our land- and bought armor and sword. He founded his own Knightly Order, Knights of the Tangled Drake... one of the hundreds of orders of Breton Knights. He left High Rock for Cyrodiil to protect the people of Bruma from threat of attack after the Soulburst, and I never expected to see him again.

378083665fc67c1b8fc3436197a1084f.pngThe Wyrd

"Alexandria Half-Elven, they used to call me."

"The men in my company always joked because of the flared-tip of my ears. I've personally come to like the point."

"You can blame my Wyrd mother, I'd always tell them."

My father was off with his Knights.. and my mother eventually got tired of living off the land and waiting for him to go home. She'd always been something of a hedgewitch, and so she took her chance with my father gone to leave and join the Wyrd... Imagine, a Breton girl leaving her school in Daggerfall to go visit her mother underneathe a tree in Glenumbra... the looks I got. The jokes. My father made me swear on my word that I wouldn't run off and join the Wyrd- and instead I would join him and the Tangled Drakes. If I kept this promise he would train me in the image of the Imperial Battlemagi. I took that promise and I gave my word.

51afa4b94aa6b7763158ee0b4306b90f.png Femme Fatale

Drake is a woman of fatal figure. She is just under average height- and was trained since she graduated preparatory school. She is muscular and determined- with a cut form and the breton cut to her jaw and high cheek bones. She has large, golden eyes that hearken to Akatosh, and messy golden curls that she tucks behind her elvish ears- tucked behind the flared half-elven cartilage. And of course red Lipstick- glowing like firesalts.


My in-game name is @radstrata, but you can send me a message here. I'm a member of the Divine Conclave. Looking for relationships(F), adventure, RP, and guildmates. Or Discord: Alex Drake #2955