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The Weekly Mudcrab #54

By Icisia - Posted Nov 12, 17

Literary Corner

Story of a Slave by Harkwit

The sunrise pierced our half-lidded gaze, stirring us awake. It was the same as the start of any other day, a grievous existence predicated on the lives we left behind. It was not by choice, but rather by the cruel strength of dark hands yanking us like tadpoles from the muck, forcing us to endure a new meaning to the idea of ‘relocation’. A kinship was shared among us that we never knew immediately possible. A family, among those who’ve lost theirs. A friendship, among those incapable of trust. Unfeeling, unwavering, and cold, a fitting emotional mindset to the soulless crimson stares that found our backs each day and each night.

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by TRoclodyte

"You must act like leader, Rolf."

The large nord looked down to Éadaoin, an amused grin deforming his already badly scarred face. "It's what I do, little woman."

"You're taking more than half of it for yourself."

"I'm bigger, stronger, and smarter.", he snorted, turning his attention away from the reachwoman so he could keep 'counting' their last catch, his share quickly growing bigger than any of the others. "Hence. More for me."

Who are we but the Earth Itself by Feroxus the Sundered Star

The rain poured down terribly, the storm conjured up the mightiest of thunder shaking the very trees with each roar, the lightning provided those who dare the storm with a moment of light before the darkness instantly engulfed them back into the shadows. The Reach was not a place for the faint of heart, nor was it a place one would be caught in if they were smart. The Reachmen held little mercy for those they considered enemies, at least the Frostbite Spiders were only evil due to thier hunger, and not rightfully evil, at least the bears, and wolves only did what came naturally to them. Men, Mer, and the Beastfolk chose whether or not they wished to kill someone just for the sheer joy and power they felt. No, the Reachmen held little mercy for those outside of their tribes, and they used magic that was dark and twisted.

Multimedia Showcase

Caylee Vesari by Aerwindale
Commission by  juimon
Olyviana by Xev

If you have a certain commission you would like to see on the showcase, PM @Icisia!