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The Weekly Mudcrab #56

By Icisia - Posted Nov 26, 17

Literary Corner

Vignettes of the Varros by  Belisarius Quintus Varro

The men came on horses weary and wounded and muddied from the day's ride, and that day had known rain, and both horse and rider gleamed with it, saddles soaked and leathers darkened and manes of hair knotted and tangled and wet, and the hair stank like swamp, and the men smelled of mud, and the black muck spattered up their legs and their lamellar skirts, and it spotted the thighs of the purebred horses in unseemly spackles, so as to dirty their heritage, and mar their image, and make them appear as dappled horses of some lesser breed.

Current Invicta RP: A Lady, A Warrior and a Wolf by Guardianwulf

He spared nothing of himself, taking the longest jumps through the wayshrines he had ever dared, ignoring the recovery periods mandated by the old writings, until finally he arrived at the frozen rock of an island, Bleakrock.

Multimedia Showcase

Maliynn by  Nihilazari
..... thiiiiis big! by GrumpyVivec

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