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The Weekly Mudcrab #57

By Icisia - Posted Dec 10, 17

Literary Corner

Vagabond of Shadows by  Nagamaki

Eleven centuries had passed since the inscription was shaped within the cavernous hollows of the mountain. Ancient ebony figures stood to either side of the archway, armor-clad guardians that marked the threshold between the living and the dead.

Barmaid by Fyurae

It was snowing.

People often mistook the gentle wonder that overcame him when he felt the weight of snowflakes clinging to his thick lashes, landing on his dark amber skin and melting into nothingness. Snowfall was not something that occurred in the Alik'r, and several of his northern comrades had assumed that the snowfalls in the heartland had been the first he'd ever experienced in his life.

Multimedia Showcase

Razial by  FullHeartContainer
Azmoda by GrumpyVivec
Commission by Xev
Kayla by Relas Aryon 's artist friend 

If you have a certain commission you would like to see on the showcase, PM @Icisia!