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The Weekly Mudcrab #119

By @Avinarih - Posted Apr 8, 19

Literary Corner

The Tales of Rhemirr D0vahk1n

For Rhemirr, the voyage from Morrowind back to Hammerfell was a fairly simple and uneventful one. Despite the occasional storm on the sea, they did little to actually damage the vessel he traveled on; at most the deck would be flooded with saltwater and copious amounts of rubbish heaved out from the Abecean sea. He also had the good fortune of not running into any military vessels from the Three Banners or any other rival pirate ships. The only actual conflict to be had was with the Khajiit himself and the crew.

Winter's Son Alexandria

Despite the assessment of the Thane, I was not a fragile poet dreaming by the fireplace. Well, at least not every day. I hunted like we all did, I fought, both in our own savage games and against those who would do our clan harm. I had killed. I had bled. I had put meat on the table. And so it was without hesitation that I joined those who went to hunt the first day the weather broke, the constant snowstorms subsiding even though it was already late in the afternoon. We saw our chance. We took it.

Media Showcase

Baåtar cyan.wave
The Guardian's Gear Chef Ashton
Commission juimon
Commission GrumpyVivec
Charna in Trisfal Six
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