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Animus the Tainted Animus The Tainted

Blood pounded in Animus's ears. It came in a steady rhythm as he worked on controlling his breathing. The great sword quivered in his hand and he tightened his grip on it. Leather creaking under his strain. The great sword was impaled into the ground, but above the ground thrashed a man, the whites of his eyes crimson red. His irises were pure white. Disheveled wild hair and the stink of an unwashed body permeated from him. He thrashes trying to get free of the sword that pinned him to the ground. The fiend felt no pain, the only thought in his mind was tearing him apart. Animus scoffed, “Disgusting creatures. Blood fiends.”.

The Grey Road: Memoir of a Mortal Life Ro'Shan Al-Skaara

My rescue was a tale for the halls of sovenguard. I legendary feat by the order of the eight that had become my home. Lead by Claudia and Dracus under the direct order of Atticus who had sent the entire remaining six to recover Toluth-Ra and I from our prison. I only heard of the Assault when I was safely back at the monastery. Heroes were made that day and so were corpses.

Principia Elyska Patawpha

Elyska awoke, supine, staring up into the inky void of a starless sky. Her head was pounding with a mighty WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH that made it hard to readjust her senses but as she lifted her head a bit and was hit with a rush of air she realized the whooshing sound was actually coming from above her. It was a somber yet familiar sound and as she dropped her head back to the ground she watched as the shadow above her that had been obscuring her vision grew smaller and smaller and the stars started popping out of either side like fireflies. Or more like those glowing beetles of...somewhere, wasn't it?

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